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Right from the beginning of communication, we needed a channel to express our thoughts. Being a netizen, we all know how important it is to have a customer support communication channel. Customer support channels are an important part of business, be it in-store or an eCommerce. To provide a quality customer experience, the store owner must give up to scratch customer support and customer services.

There are tons of communication channels available that an eCommerce can use as a customer support channel but you have to choose the right one for your business. Having said that, the best support channel of communication is the one your customer chooses so try to offer many. Some of the best possible ways to connect with your customers to provide user support are discussed below. Voice support, written support, and chat support are the major communication channel types available.

Customer Support With Voice Communications Channels


Phone calls:

The old traditional voice support system is phone calls. The telephone-based contact center is one of the most common solutions for customer service teams, and most of the businesses have already set up a traditional telephone-based call center. This is a tried-and-tested system with demonstrated performance, and since consumers are familiar with the process, it is a common communication channel for businesses to introduce.

Every customer needs the assurance that they will be able to get in touch at any time and receive a response in the shortest time possible. Make sure your number is clearly shown in your store so that even if the customer does not call, he knows he has the option to do so.

web calling:

It is highly advisable over the traditional phone call. A web call is a good option as the customer does not have to leave the website for getting any support.

Using WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology, a click-to-call button ensures that consumers can engage in a voice call with an agent directly via the website. It comes with features like Desktop Dialing, No hardware is required and it is easy to use.

Offer Customer Support with Verbal Content

Another way to deliver customer support can be through verbal communication channels. Sometimes a customer needs to raise a query with detailed information. In that case, the verbal content channel will be the best fit.



Email support is the most used and acceptable after phone calls. This is a flexible medium that can be used to exchange personal correspondence about customer service or to disseminate news and knowledge through the customer base of an organization.

The benefit of email is that both the client and the agent have the right to make their emails as detailed and structured as they would like. There is a drawback for email support as you have to wait for the response. Though it is a good option for taking customer feedback and to send follow-up emails.

web forms:

Web forms work in the same way as emails, but a key benefit is that they do not allow the customer to leave the website set in the first place, which can enable longer stays.

The main advantage of the web forms is that people who send them also obtain confirmation of acceptance so that those who know the message have been received by the client.

Responses are also sent to the customer’s email address, making potential communication simpler. Web forms are also a safe way to collect consumer data-provided that GDPR is compliant.

Marketplace Customers-Sellers Ticket System Addon like modules for eCommerce store can help the customer to raise a ticket to get the support or any service.

Offer Chat Support:

Millennials prefer using chat messengers over calls or emails. Even for day to day conversation, people are using chat more than phone calls or web

Live Chat:

Live chat is an extremely beneficial function for your shop, as it allows the executive to respond rapidly, allowing the customer to overcome their concerns and, as a result, closing the purchase. This can also be a proactive feature, where a customer service executive can serve as a personal shopper and assist with the selling of items.

Messenger App:

Messenger apps are considered as convenient chat support communication channels and they are quick. Messengers are a better choice as you can easily see if the message has been delivered or not. Social messenger is a module for messenger support for your eCommerce store. This can help you connect with your customers through Facebook messenger.

Messengers are powerful tools as they can be used for broadcasting messages and to offer promotions.

Social Media:

Social media is a powerful tool with double support, marketing, and communication. It is a platform which can be used as both marketing and customer support communication channel. The good service comes with better communications. Millennials spend most of their time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, etc.

Organizations may and do make use of this to their benefit. Particularly on Twitter, many businesses ensure that they communicate using their brand ‘face’ as they participate in consumer interactions to enhance or alter the image of their brand.

Other Customer Support Options:


To give a better customer experience it is important to answer all the questions your customer has for you and your product. The FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions page helps users to find answers to all their questions in one location.

Not only does it make life easier for your website visitors, but it can also save time and resources for your company because you don’t have as many clients contacting you for answers. You can list some common queries to your FAQ’s to help your customers.

Contact Forum :

Customer forums are anyway important for customer support. Many users face the same difficulty or have some queries that can be answered on the forum. Contact forums improve customer relations. Customers feel that their feedback is important and it will create an impact on both users and the owner.

Bottom line:

If you want to provide excellent customer experience to your existing and new users, choose a communication support channel which will be convenient for your user. Keep in mind that the customer base is important and analyze it well for your product and services. A customer support channel can improve customer satisfaction which ultimately enhances the retention rate.

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