Forget all checkout related worries with this Magento One Page Supercheckout Plugin

Checkout process on an e- commerce store is usually a very hectic and gruesome task and often customers end up leaving the process in the middle due to the complexities involved. It has been observed that a major cause of the numerous shopping cart abandonments are the ineffective checkout process. Customers are often asked for unnecessary personal information and are redirected to the numerous pages which ultimately leads them to abandon the current e- commerce store. It is a serious issue and has been giving jitters to numerous e- commerce organizations around the world. But, now, everything is going to be right with the introduction of this Magento One Page Checkout extension which is really a rockstar among the numerous e- commerce checkout extension for Magento stores. Take a look at the different features of this amazing extension.

Feature loaded user friendly admin panel

One of the wonderful feature of this extension is the presence of the feature loaded admin panel that has provided immense power to the store admins. Everything right from managing the content, design and layout of the website has become an easy cakewalk due to the rich features of its admin panel. Further, it is very easy to make any desired changes in the content, design and layout of the website without any technical hiccups. Apart from this, store admins can now enable or disable the desired fields on the checkout page so as to facilitate the effective checkout from their e- commerce store.

Provides option of multiple design layout for checkout page

In order to facilitate the quick and seamless checkout through your e- commerce site, this plugin allows store owners to decide the final layout for their checkout page. You can now keep all your checkout details in a single page so to improve the site usability and to complete the checkout process easily. The store admin has the full control over the complete layout of the checkout page in terms of its design, size, appearance and other features.

Supports multiple computing devices

One of the best feature of this Magento module is its responsive design which has greatly increased the use and performance of this module among numerous available Magento extensions. You can use it on any type of computing devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. It offers same level of experience and functionality to users irrespective of the device he/she is using.

Facility to check image preview while making any changes in the shopping cart

With the help of this wonderful plugin, it is now easy to check your product image while adding any products in your shopping cart. Customer will get option to check product image while adding any product item in the shopping cart. Further, user will get the complete details about the shopping cart in the form of eligible coupon codes that can be applied on the shopping cart. All this features makes this module one of the best module for the e- commerce Magento site owners.

So, there is no need for e- commerce organizations to be in panic mode due to the checkout related issues as an effective solution has made its way in the field of e- commerce business segment. Enhance your chances of business growth by adding this e- commerce module in your kitty through our e- commerce site and be the market leader in your area of business. It is really a savior for the numerous e- commerce organizations of the world.

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