How to Apply a Return Policy That’s a Win for Both You and Your Customers


Managing orders and fulfilling customer’s demand isn’t an easy task. Considering consumer rights in the EU, every eCommerce platform needs an easy return policy to maintain the records and meeting customer’s needs.  EU has a policy that a consumer can request a return or refund for a faulty product within 14 days.

As an eCommerce owner, it may sound boring and time taking. But, return manager software takes care of all the functions required for return, exchange, or order cancellation. It simply puts a ‘Return Tab’ on the home screen of the eCommerce store through which any existing customer or guest customer can easily make a return or cancel the request.

Why have a return policy on your store?

By making clients jump through hoops, it can be tempting to try to eliminate returns.

Customers, however, are not likely to trust an online store that does not have a simple way to return orders that do not suit, arrive damaged, or are just not quite what they expected.

Great return policies enable clients to commit to a purchase and allow them to shop without fear of consequences. A good return policy for e-commerce can make or break a transaction or make a traveler a customer for life. Having a robust return and exchange policy instills confidence in you, your company, and your goods.

And trust has an immense effect on the bottom line.

How do you write a return policy?

When writing a return policy, consider these points and make sure that it is visible to the customers. Hiding the return policy and your terms and condition won’t help. Instead, it will create a negative impact on your shoppers.

  1. Specify a return time frame
  2. Define the anticipated condition of returns
  3. List return requirements in simple language
  4. Put a return specifications list
  5. A refund or credit in-store
  6. Keep the terminology concise and to the point
  7. Reveal any charges connected with returns
  8. Foster your policy

How to manage the returns and exchange on your web store

Managing an eCommerce store with fewer efforts is like a cherry on the cake and Return Manager software does that.

It helps you manage all the return requests in one place. You can find pending active return lists, return lists, and canceled order lists and this information can be exported whenever required.

By adding custom fields on the return request page at the front end you can collect more information from the user that can be used for creating return policies in the future.

A hassle-free return policy attracts buyers and gains the customer’s trust.

Best software to manage return and exchange on your store

The Return Manager Addon developed by KnowBand is the most premier software designed by our experts that effortlessly manages all the return requests. It is available for PrestaShop and Magento platforms.

Customers can raise a request from the front-end of the website. It also helps you identify the return reasons for customers and lets you raise a return request on behalf of your customer.

One of the effective features of this module is Email Templates. This pre-formatted email template option gives the admin a hassle-free experience at the backend and directly send an email to both parties as soon as the query is raised.


It is one of the bestsellers on the PrestaShop store with 1100+ downloads. Prestashop Return Manager is an interesting and helpful tool for the eCommerce store owner to manage the return and cancel the request at the backend.


The same module is available for Magento and Magento 2 eCommerce platforms. It lets you manage all the order cancellation requests, exchange, and return requests with ease.

Strategies for more profitable returns and exchanges:

A merchant caters to customer retention and customer acquisition and this is only possible when the merchant meets customer satisfaction.

The return policy of your store should have an easy cancel request format with common return issues that they can mention during the return so the customer can choose a reason for return or cancellation from predefined reasons without taking any efforts.

Allow customers to return partial or complete orders. Also, you can show related products during the process of return with the Automatic Related Product module to increase the cross-selling and up-selling.

Magento Automatic Related Products 

PrestaShop Automatic Related Products 

Conclusion: Thanks to the quick and effective cancellation method, customers are more likely to go back to your platform.  Make it easy for clients to find the return policies and understand them.

Accept the advantages that come with a customer-first return policy and the cost. And, implementing the return manager module is a timesaver for both merchants and customers.

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