Recharge your Product Sales and Business Growth with Prestashop Order Lookup Addon

It is normally seen that e- commerce organizations are losing their sales due to the ineffective processing of their orders. Due to the rising customer product demands and the surging customer traffic, it is becoming increasingly difficult to address the every order related concern of the customers. This ineffective management of the order information is leading to problems like missing orders, untraceable orders and incomplete processed orders. However, organizations can easily deal with these situations by the help of this brilliant Prestashop Order Lookup Addon. Here are some of the mind blowing features of this addon that has made it highly popular among various e- commerce organizations.

Provides relief to merchants by reducing the regular customer order requests-

Now, merchants can take a sigh of relief as this Prestashop addon reduces the customer order requests by about 30- 35%. With this significant droppage in order requests, merchants can ensure the effective delivery of their products to their targeted customers. As, merchants are not flooded with the continuous order information requests, they can focus on other important tasks at hand.

Round the clock order information facility-

With the emergence of Prestashop Order Lookup addon, it is now easier to get order details on demand at 24/7 round the clock schedule. Now, customers can check their order information at any time of the day and don’t have to wait for the usual office hours to get information about their placed order. It helps in the timely and speedy delivery of the order information to customers.

Easy installation-

The module can be easily installed by various e- commerce organizations to provide effective order related information to their customers. It can be quickly installed and customers can take guidance from the detailed help manual for any installation related issues. If there exists any other issues, customers can also contact the technical support team Here for any assistance during the installation process.

Customization facility-

Apart from this, the addon also provides a considerable amount of customization facility to its users by providing customization page styles. Due to this, users can make changes in their page styles according to their choice and preferences effortlessly.

So, make a complete makeover to your e- commerce business by purchasing this Prestashop Addon for your business organization. It is surely worth your every penny and will help in streamlining the order request and order information effectively so as to increase customer traffic on your e- commerce store. For more information about this addon or any other modules, you need to check our site at

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