The Aspects that Makes FB Wall Post a must-have for eCommerce Stores

Prestashop FB wall post module

With the large number of people using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it has led the eCommerce owners to shift their concerns to the very important aspect of social media marketing. The seller needs to keep their customers updated about the products, running offers and different discounts. The customers are more likely to check the discounts offered by store if they are presented in intriguing way. Moreover, one of the better way of providing the customer with the product information is through the FB wall post.

According to a survey by Huffington Post, “On an average more number of people interacted with their content through Facebook than the actual app itself”. So, it encourages the store owners more to promote their product on Facebook.

Therefore, Prestashop FB wall post module enables the Prestashop site owners to promote their products on Facebook via wall post.

If you are running a Prestashop site and feel like your product is not reaching the target audience than this module might help you. Try the module and see the rise in your sales.

The FB wall post may boost your sales in following ways-:

Store Visibility

Social Media Marketing

The Prestashop Facebook share module helps you in generating automatic wall post for Facebook. It will help you to promote your store on Facebook. As the popularity of Facebook is quite large among the people hence, it becomes easy to promote a product using this platform. More people are likely to visit the store, if they tend to see it though interactive platform. The FB wall post enables you to spread out words about your store, offers available and the ongoing sales. It is much better approach than the traditional marketing. You can post your product images, categories, brands as well as the discount coupons being offered by the store. This creates a curiosity among the users and gives the web store a better visibility.

Increase Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

The module enables the customers to check the eCommerce store products, offers and discounts without visiting the store. The convenience of getting information through the social media post makes it more approachable for the web stores to engage the customers and gather their attention towards the web store. Therefore, it serves as a better alternative to checking the web store itself. Moreover, the wall post provides the customers with the option to make purchase, so, it saves them a lot of time. The module engages the customer by offering them all the information without letting them leave their social media platform, this acts as one of the major advantage of using the Facebook wall post to promote the web store without putting the customers out of their comfort zone.

Target the Right Audience

Right Audience

The FB wall post plugin allows you to generate automatic as well as manual wall post. Therefore, the seller is free to promote his products on Facebook, depending upon the web traffic at a particular time. The seller can generate automatic posts to keep new visitors informed about the store and offers. The manual post can be generated when the seller the traffic of potential buyers is maximum, thus, providing engagement for the users based upon their preferences. Moreover, it is easier to identifying the purchase behavior of the customers on Facebook. You can easily identify the products that they find interesting by tracking their likes and share. Hence, it is an effortless way to target the right audience.

Easy Synchronization

Easy Synchronization

The module provides the seller with the advantage of easy synchronization between the wall post and the actual web store. It helps the web store to auto sync the post to the FB wall without having to give a second look on the FB wall post separately. The seller can post all the products, offers and low stock counts on Facebook via wall post. The easy synchronization makes it quite efficient. In case, if any customer is willing to avail the offer than they can be easily redirect to the web store from the wall post itself. The customers can browse all the features of the web store through the wall post by some simple clicks. This feature helps the web stores to provide easy and simple approach to reach out to maximum potential buyers without putting more efforts.

Add-on Features

Add-on Features

The module is multi-lingual compatible and supports more than 14 languages. It helps the seller to promote their brand or products to people with different ethnicity. Therefore, a larger number of audience can be covered by the web stores in order to make a sale. It also helps the customers to relate themselves better with the website.  The module is compatible with all the Prestashop themes which makes it work with all the themes making the website look more attractive. The seller can optimize the look of their wall post to look more engaging and interactive. The key point of providing a better UI to the customers can be fulfilled by making the use of this module. Moreover, this plugin doesn’t conflict with other Prestashop plugins and is easy to use and configure.

Social Sharing

The power of social media is undetermined. It can turn people into celebrities and products into a trend. Therefore, one of the main advantage of using the module is to get more coverage. Most of the people tend to like one or more products in the web store via the wall post. In this case, if the viewer think that the product is worth mentioning to one of their known ones, they can share the post with them. This way a chain of promotion is formed which eventually leads on to a better promotion of the product for the web store. The more coverage received by the products increased its chances of making a sale. This is definitely one of the ways to facilitate referral marketing and spread the word-of-mouth.

Final Say

In order to keep the customers informed about the products and offers, sellers must follow the social media trends that may change eCommerce. It helps the customers to be informed about the products and as well as increase the sale of your products.

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