Some Supporting PrestaShop Addons for a Seamless Checkout Experience- Part 2

Some supporting PrestaShop Plugins for a seamless checkout experience- 2 | Knowband

If you have been around an eCommerce site for an online shopping, you would have felt the need of a simplified checkout experience that could save your significant time and efforts for a quick product purchase. Checkouts are capable to drive higher conversions and sales on an online store as nobody has so much time and patience to purchase a product online after so much headache. If you are not able to make things simpler for your online buyers, they will definitely find another alternative option which could hurt your business chances in the long run. Here are some of the wonderful PrestaShop checkout addons that can be a game changer for your online business.

1. PrestaShop Single Page Checkout

This amazing PrestaShop checkout addon is a promising Knowband extension that can optimize the performance of your eCommerce store. It can redefine the online shopping experience of your customers in a completely different manner by reducing the multi page checkout form to a single page. With this module, you can persuade your targeted customers towards your online store for maximum conversions and sales. Some of the exceptional features of this PrestaShop extension are as follows:

  • In- built quick login facility through social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and much more.
  • Offers responsive design to ensure seamless accessibility on multiple devices.
  • Helps in quick customization of shopping cart for a brilliant checkout experience.
  • Ensures effortless addition of coupon codes and vouchers on checkout page.
  • Works uninterruptedly with other third party themes and extensions.

2. PrestaShop One Page Checkout Free version-

If you need a simple checkout process for your eCommerce store without paying a single penny, you need to go for this PrestaShop One Page checkout module. It is one of the most dynamic checkout addon that has transformed the shopping experience for numerous online buyers. This Knowband module has helped in providing multiple shipping and payment methods to customers in order to help them in a quick checkout process. Apart from this, you can easily access the entire cart summary without any problem for a swift online shopping experience. The PrestaShop checkout addons consists of an interactive admin panel that makes customization a much seamless task for grabbing instant customer attention and conversions. Let us explore some of the other features and functionalities of this PrestaShop module which are described below:

  • Helps in reducing shopping cart abandonments by a simple checkout form.
  • Offers safe and secure checkout experience to customers.
  • Highly compatible with all other browser and themes.
  • Customization in shopping cart is now much easier.
  • Quick checkout process with the help of a 3 column checkout design.

Don’t ruin your business chances with an existing checkout experience for your online store as it is the foremost priority for any buyer while making an online purchase. If you are not vigilant at the right time, you might end up losing your conversions and sales to your rivals. So, roll up your sleeve now and install any of these PrestaShop checkout addons for a tremendous business makeover.

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