Why you Need to Move towards PrestaShop One Page Checkout for your Store?

Why you need to move towards One Page PrestaShop Checkout for your Store? | knowband

Checkout process is a matter of primary concern for every eCommerce store owner as it makes a tremendous impact on the customer engagement, conversion rates and product sales of your store. According to the study of an independent web research company, Baymard Institute, average of 67.75% shopping carts are abandoned by customers due to one or more reasons. With this crucial figure, maximum number of abandoned carts are occurring due to the presence of time consuming checkout process which explains the urgency for a simple and engaging one page checkout process. No online shopper would like to spend time doing checkout on a site having multiple stages for purchasing a particular product and hence arises the necessity for one page checkout process for getting maximum customer engagement and product sales on your eCommerce store. Let us throw some more light on the requirement of one page checkout process for your PrestaShop store in order to get more conversions and product sales.

1. Less, simple and relevant checkout steps- Customers often become frustrated due to the time consuming, multiple pages and irrelevant steps that are involved in the checkout process. Keep the entire process limited to a single page and include only relevant checkout fields in order to keep customers engaged to your online store. You can place a guest checkout option, social login that allows Facebook login, Google login and PayPal login and you can customize the checkout as per your desire. If you are able to reduce the complexity of your checkout process, you can effortlessly achieve higher conversion rates and product sales for your online store. In case, you don’t know which way to go for, you can take the help of our PrestaShop checkout module from Knowband for a simple and engaging checkout experience.

2. It helps in clearing confusion and makes product purchasing much more engaging- When customers have to fill out the multiple pages during the checkout process for purchasing a particular product, they become confused and often leaves the checkout process in the middle thinking it to be much more time consuming. Due to this, rate of abandoned carts on your PrestaShop store are increased and the product sales are also lowered to a great extent. To tackle abandoned carts effectively by tracking your sales activity, you can take the help of modules like PrestaShop checkout page analytics for improving your customer engagement and user experience on your site.

3. Improves product sales and better customer experience- Less the number of checkout steps in a checkout process, more will be the rate of product sales and customer engagement. Focus your efforts on reducing the complexity of your checkout process for enhancing customer experience and product sales on your PrestaShop site. There are various PrestaShop checkout extensions that can help in making your checkout process a more delightful experience for your targeted customers.

4. Eliminates page reload time and keeps checkout information at a single page- Frequent page reloads during the checkout process distracts the customers from the shopping experience and thus reduces the customer engagement on an online store. By keeping all the checkout related formalities at one single place, you can keep your customers engaged and can boost your product sales to a great extent.

Thus, don’t spoil your chances of business growth and expansion with a time consuming and confusing checkout experience but grab the initial lead with a single page PrestaShop checkout process. It is definitely your chance of making the most with a single page checkout process for a brilliant eCommerce future ahead.

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