Some Supporting PrestaShop Addons for a Seamless Checkout Experience- Part 1

Some supporting PrestaShop Plugins for a seamless checkout experience | Knowband

If there is one thing that can effortlessly drive customers towards your online store, it can’t be none other than a simplified checkout experience. Every online shopper is eager to make a quick purchase without getting harassed in the form of a lengthy checkout process on an online store. In this jet age, people are opting for online shopping due to consumption of less time, non handling of multiple shopping bags, easy viewing of other related products and other such factors. If you are not going to improve the shopping experience of your targeted customers, you are simply passing the sales opportunity to your competitors.

It does not require any other clarification and reasons to declare that “checkout process is the gateway to higher sales and customer engagement”, so start focusing on it as early as possible. If you are short of idea or vision, you can take a cue from the excellent PrestaShop checkout addons from Knowband store for delivering a simplified checkout process. Let us take a quick look towards various checkout addons that can optimize your online shopping experience.

1. PrestaShop Single click checkout-

If you are determined to provide an easy product purchase for a single product without making any modification in your shopping cart, you need to go for this PrestaShop One click checkout (Buy Now) module. It is a marvelous module from Knowband store that has wide range of features like mobile responsive layout, compatibility with different themes, translation facility for multiple languages, independent working, quick installation and much more to optimize the online shopping experience of your customers.

2. PrestaShop checkout page analysis-

With the support of the analytical information about the checkout behavior on your store, you can now plan out your sales activity and conversion rates in a much better way than before. The module helps in realizing the checkout steps which have caused the customers to abandon a shopping cart and leave an online store. It provides a detailed analysis about the checkout behavior of your site visitors which is an important factor for customer targeting. It is one of the most promising PrestaShop checkout addons for any eCommerce store owner and has the potential to bring about a drastic revolution to the entire online shopping experience.

3. PrestaShop checkout payment fee addon-

Revealing and adding the extra charges implemented by various payment methods at the end of checkout process are one of the prominent reasons for increasing the shopping cart abandonments for any eCommerce store.  People are often dissatisfied with an online store when they discover any additional charges only at the last instance of checkout process. However, this scenario is not going to be repeated again with the emergence of this PrestaShop checkout payment fee addon module. It reveals the extra payment charges that are levied by various payment methods on your PrestaShop store and does not give any “last minute” surprise or shock by charging a whopping amount. With several unmatched features and functionalities, it is one of the most popular PrestaShop checkout addons that can make a tremendous improvement in the checkout experience of your online store.

It is time to reinvent the shopping experience of your store by utilizing the amazing features and functionalities of various PrestaShop checkout addons from Knowband store. If you can persuade your customers to make product purchase through your eCommerce store, you can seamlessly achieve higher conversions and product sales among your rivals. So, it is all just a matter of “Easy shopping experience for excessive shopping through your store“. Go take a right approach in this direction.

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