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5 Quickfire Prestashop Addons that can Boost your Conversions

eCommerce is surely one of the ways if the merchants are looking to make it big. The internet user count is in billions and it gives a better exposure to the web store. However, with the increasing competition in the eCommerce ecosystem has made it difficult for the online stores to survive in the market. It is an easy and simple approach to grow the store in very short period of time, but the expectations of the online shoppers are increasing day-by-day.

One of the important factor that decides the success of eCommerce stores is the facilities that you provide to your customers. Most of the time a customer will look for better environment to make a purchase. While most of the eCommerce stores provide the same content, it becomes important for the seller to provide better experience for the customers. Thus, including the addons to the website might help the seller in reaching out to maximum potential buyers. It helps the customers to get better shopping experience.

Thus, if you are a Prestashop site owner, then you may use the Prestashop addons to enhance the visibility of your site. The different modules that can help you grow your site by providing features which will engage the customers more and will definitely boost your sales.

Let us discuss some of the Prestashop plugins to enhance your web store visibility and boost in your sales.

1.  Spin and win module

Spin & Win prestashop module, Knowband Spin & Win Module, Prestashop Spin & Win Module    

One of the better way to engage customers to the web store is by providing them some fun experience. The Spin and win pop up is an innovative concept to gather more traffic rather than using the traditional methods of providing deals and discount. The Prestashop Spin and Win pop up also gives the website an attractive look as this pop up can be placed at any part of the Website. It’s not specifically an entry pop ups, exit pop ups or subscription pop ups. The pop up presents the customers with the current offers thus helping in reducing the number of abandoned carts. The spin and win pop up can be used any time during the stay of the visitor on the eCommerce website and it can be timed frequently to give visitors more opportunities.

2.  FB wall post

FB Wall Post, Knowband FB Wall Post


The introduction of Social media has made marketing easy. Thus the sellers can always target the visitors on social media to improve their product visibility. The FB wall post module helps in generating automatic wall posts as well as manual wall posts based upon the seller’s convenience. One of the very advantage of this module is that it enables the seller to make the customers aware about the new products arrival using FB wall post and if they want they can check the web store, making effective conversions. The Prestashop FB wall post module is multi store compatible, hence making it easy for store owners to introduce new brands based upon their popularity.

3.  Social loginizer

Social Loginizer, Prestashop Social Loginizer Module, Prestashop Socila Login

Almost every internet user has their accounts on Google or Facebook. The details can be used to integrate the information from these accounts to web store accounts. Hence, Prestashop Social login plugin could redirect users from Facebook login, Google login or any other Social site login to increase the traffic on their web stores, which eventually helps in increasing the revenues. The Social login saves the time of filling up lengthy registration forms. It is compatible up to 15 social sites login including Google, Facebook and Twitter, thus providing more login options. It provides the seller with permission based details of the customer, which makes it easier for seller to make products available according to customer’s preferences. Most of the time it saves the customer’s time from filling up the lengthy forms in order to browse the web store. It helps the customers to make easy purchase.

4.  Age verification

Age Verification, Prestashop Age Verification Module, Knowband Module

With the introduction of Internet, it has made quite easy for everyone to browse the internet for their favorite products or any type of contents. Most of the time, even if a store is selling some adult contents or any age restricted product than it may be inappropriate for visitors under certain age to access that data. Thus, in that case the store owners must come up with some kind of warnings which may inform the users about the content inside. Therefore, Prestashop age verification module helps the store owners to pop up a warning message before accessing the web store. It helps the visitor to identify the content and use the store accordingly.

5.  FB store

FB Store, Prestashop FB Store


The growing popularity of Facebook has led the eCommerce store owners to provide products through Facebook too. Thus, the Prestashop FB Store module is a good approach to gain higher traffic and increase user engagement to the web store by providing them the option of Facebook marketing. Most customers tend to buy a product in terms of better presentation rather than the cost of the product. Hence, FB Store module proves effective as the seller can customize each and every aspect of his FB Store accordingly. The FB Store has all the features that are provided in the Web Store with the option of purchase too. If the customer finds something worth buying than they can buy the products from FB Store but if they wish to explore more than they can be redirected to Web Store from the FB Store. This features helps in increasing the visibility of the products through Facebook marketing, ultimately increasing the conversions and generating more revenue for the seller.


In order to gain higher traffic the web store owners must always be oriented towards providing better services and the Prestashop addons are a good way to do so. They can enhance the look of the web store in very creative manner and at the same time they ensure that the web store is following the current trend to keep the users demand fulfilled.

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