5 Effective Ways to Target Online Shoppers on Facebook

Every business, no matter small or big, needs to have its presence on the social media platforms today, especially Facebook. Apart from conventional marketing strategies, businesses should know how to market and target online shoppers on Facebook as well. Facebook is the most widely connected social media platform with over 2.38 billion active monthly users worldwide as of April 2019. With its effective advertising options, it has become the go-to marketing tool for e-retailers to find potential customers and grow their business. The growing popularity of Facebook is a positive sign for e-commerce merchants to try out new strategies and ideas for customer acquisition.

All you need is a Facebook Business page. It brings your brand to the attention of a wide facebook audience. Most of the time the seller fails to reach the customer not because there is anything wrong in their business structure and products, but due to lack of proper marketing approach. With the help of social media marketing, sellers can ensure that their offerings are well received by the customer. The eCommerce merchants can now increase their product’s visibility with the help of Facebook. Most people prefer to make a purchase after being able to connect themselves with the products. Facebook helps the seller to increase the interaction between their customers and the products by spreading the word-of-mouth.

Thus, the eCommerce store owners need to use different features on Facebook. Let us discuss some of the ways that might help the eCommerce sellers to boost their goodwill and increase their conversions.

1. Facebook Store

Facebook Store

A Facebook store is a small part of your actual online store, that allows the Facebook audience to shop for your store products directly through the FB store. The FB Store is one of the most trending approaches followed by marketers to gain higher traffic and increase user engagement. It helps them increase their brand awareness and drive more sales.

Prestashop Facebook store addon allows e-retailers to integrate their Facebook business page to their eCommerce store. Businesses can analyze the insights of the sale through their Facebook store by enabling the Google Analytics option within this module, and eventually, retarget that audience to drive more revenue. They can also customize each and every aspect of their FB shop as per their needs. You can try out the FB store extension for Magento as well.

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2. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

If you want to bring more audience to your store, use Facebook ads. According to a survey, “Facebook ads are more likely to get a response by 26% in comparison to the ads on any other platform”. With Facebook ads, you can promote your posts or products and make them reach a larger audience. Moreover, you can decide on your target audience and boost your products accordingly. You can target people based on location, age, gender, interest, etc. Though it will cost some money, you can expect a good ROI. Just make sure that your post or product is worth your audience’s attention.

3. Facebook Video

Facebook Video

Today, videos are more effective than words to capture user attention. If you want people to pay attention to your brand or products while they scroll through their newsfeed, a video would be a great idea. Most of the visitors on Facebook would love to give a look at the products that are being presented in the form of a video rather than reading out the post. Research shows that “Products which were provided with video descriptions were 4% more likely to be purchased in comparison to the products which were not”. This alluring fact makes the importance of videos evident. Somehow, if your video gets viral, you gain an automatic increase in your store traffic. People start talking about your brand. You gain popularity.

4. Facebook Album

Facebook Album

The idea of promoting an online eCommerce store with the help of a Facebook album has been an age-long trend. The usage of photo album prior to providing deep insight into the product also enables the customer to get a better look at the product. Most of the time, if an image is not attached to the product, the customer might not get the proper description of the product, leaving the purchase intention in between. Therefore, providing image assistance with the product helps in the proper promotion of the product and at the same time encourages users to buy the product. Products with images attached are more likely to be purchased than the ones without images. With the help of Prestashop Facebook Album addon, the Prestashop seller can now post their album in minimum time.

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5. Facebook surveys


E-commerce store owners can run online surveys asking visitors about their opinion or feedback on current products, offers or deals. A positive response can help them understand their products better, while a negative response can make them identify what’s lacking in their approach. Facebook surveys are important as visitors of different interests and fields take part in these surveys. Who knows you come up with some suggestions that may actually be beneficial for your online business.


The trend of using Facebook as a source of selling products is gaining popularity every day. One can’t simply ignore the power of Social media platforms like Facebook to promote their business to a larger scale. Failing to do so can lead to losing potential buyers. Try out the above-mentioned 5 effective ways to target online shoppers on Facebook. If you find the information useful, drop down a comment below.

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