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Maroth Jewels is a wholesale jewelry manufacturer and exporter in Jaipur, India. With the increased mobile users, every business is making their website mobile responsive. Nothing is better than a Robust Application. Maroth Jewels have created their mobile app for Android and iOS using the WooCommerce Mobile App builder plugin developed by KnowBand.

A great mobile app gives customers something they can’t get from a desktop or mobile website. An app can improve loyalty by providing a customer with an immediate portable solution that provides quick knowledge and easy access to goods. Consumers and brands will benefit greatly from a well-designed app that is part of a larger integrated multichannel retail strategy.

The Maroth Jewels WooCommerce Mobile app has 500+ play store downloads with 70+ excellent reviews and 5-star ratings. The app can be downloaded quickly from the play store.


Let us explore the Maroth Jewels WooCommerce Mobile App and its features:

Customers can shop the entire Jewelry range quickly with the Maroth Jewels WooCommerce mobile app, which is a simpler alternative to the department store’s desktop and mobile pages.

The WooCommerce mobile app for Maroth Jewelry allows users to browse the entire product catalog and make purchases while on the go.


The app enables the use of voice search while shopping in-store to check for sizes and prices as well as read other customer’s reviews of the item.

Live WhatsApp chat support enables users to get their issues solved immediately. This increases customer trust and loyalty.


While shopping on the WooCommerce Android App, the customer can see the categories and choose what they want to buy.


A great product description can help users convert as it increases transparency and building trust in your brand. Every product has a great and tailored product description.

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On the shopping bag, a customer can apply their vouchers and coupon codes to avail of the discount. This app is custom-made and has all the necessary features.


Easy login and Signup Process:

There are various options to login to the Maroth Jewels WooCommerce mobile app:

A simple sign-up form that requires basic details like name, email address, and password.

A customer can log in with the following methods:

  1. Email address and password
  2. Login via OTP with registered mobile number
  3. Login with fingerprint
  4. Social Login using Facebook or Google+


Quick checkout process:

The Maroth Jewels WooCommerce mobile app (Android and iOS) allows quick checkout as displayed in the below image. A user has to fill in the delivery address and make the payments.


Your purchase is completed!!

It’s time to wear your jewels and shine bright!



The best apps are part of a comprehensive marketing and operations strategy. So, when developing an app for your company, it’s critical to make sure it’s compatible with other domains of the company. Knowband helps businesses to create a robust app for various eCommerce platforms and has thousands of clients worldwide.

We have a mobile app portfolio where you will find all the successful applications developed by KnowBand.

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