Top-notch Features To Consider For Your ECommerce Mobile App

eCommerce mobile app

The eCommerce industry is growing at a rapid rate with other technological advancements like mobile apps and customers are adopting them in their daily lifestyle. It is very much easy for the customers to shop from the mobile app rather than using the eCommerce website. There are many growth opportunities in the market for the eCommerce business and shopping apps will also boost sales conversion. The Mobile App Creator extension helps the store admin to easily launch the native eCommerce shopping App for Android and iOS. Having a shopping app for any eCommerce store opens door to the majority of opportunities and benefits.

But, creating a mobile application potent enough to generate leads and sales for your business isn’t a piece of cake. It must have an impressive user-experience with powerful features to make the shopping handy. In this blog, you will find some of the major features which can improve your business performance on mobile. Before diving into the list, here are some of the readymade solutions to launch apps for an eCommerce store:



Magento 2:


All the above-listed plugins are ready-to-launch frameworks for mobile application needs. The solutions are fully featured and come with all necessary settings in the admin panel to simplify the work of store admin. Now, let’s explore the beneficial factors of creating apps with these modules:

1. Custom Branding and Configuration Control

It is important for every eCommerce business to have their own custom branding logo, app name, splash screen, etc along with the right color schemes. The Mobile app Creator allows the store admin to launch the shopping app under their website/business name and value. Intuitive color and font options are there to make the shopping app look attractive and enticing for the front-end shoppers. The entire look and feel of the eCommerce Mobile App can be controlled over a few mouse clicks and button toggles.

Designing the home screen layout of the mobile app is most handy for store admin. Just choose relevant banners, sliders, categories, products, etc., and use drag & drop to adjust them. The positions, headings, titles, etc. can be edited and configured from the admin panel anytime and the changes will be reflected on the apps in real-time. Along with this, other necessary settings are also available in the admin panel of the Android & iOS Mobile App Builder.

2. Handy Marketing & Promotion Tool

Push notifications are one of the important features of eCommerce Mobile Apps in terms of driving sales. The custom push notifications can be used to give constant reminders to the customers about the latest product, offers, discounts available on the eCommerce mobile app. Researches show that more users prefer to purchase on the eCommerce app after receiving push notifications.

The Mobile App Maker extension makes all website coupons and vouchers supported on the apps. As a result, the store admin is allowed to showcase the same coupons on the mobile app which are already running on the website. The users can choose the right coupons and make the purchase. The store admin can craft any notification template in the admin panel or can even automate the same for automatic deployment. Unlimited push notifications can be sent to the app users free of cost. No additional integration is required.

3. Simpler Login & Checkout

Make sure to keep the registration/signup or login simpler for the front end shoppers. Lengthy and complex registration in eCommerce mobile app can annoy users and they can end up leaving the Android and iOS app. It is quite important for the store admin to grab your user interest in order to motivate them for more purchases.

The Mobile App Maker for eCommerce offers inbuilt login options with Google, Facebook, Fingerprint & Phone Number (OTP). The mobile app users can simply login into the app and browse the products, categories easily. The users can also share the products on multiple social media platforms.

4. Multi-lingual & RTL Support

It is not possible for the store admin to develop a different mobile app for different languages. Having one language in the eCommerce app can rigid the targeted segment and impact the sales well. The Mobile App Builder offers multiple languages compatible apps including RTL (Right To Left) scripts. The plugin will make all website languages work on the app and allow the store admin to sell across borders and target both regional as well as global audiences. The user can choose any desired language on the app and check it in their preferred language.

5. All Payments & Shipping Method Support

Customers tend to shop more if they are getting favorable shipping and payment options. Offering multiple payment and shipping options enhances the urge of buying more. The store admin can easily integrate all the payment and shipping methods available on the eCommerce website into the Mobile App. The front end mobile shopper will find the same sort of checkout experience on the website and mobile apps.

6. Real-time Inventory Update

It is very difficult for the store admin to manage the inventory on the website and mobile apps. The apps with the Mobile App Maker extension gets automatically synchronized with the website inventory. The changes will be reflected automatically on the app as they are made on the store inventory.

7. Offline Mode Working

Most of the mobile apps do not work perfectly after getting interruptions in the internet connection. The offline mode of Mobile App Builder helps users to browse the products even in case of no internet connection. This feature enhances the user experience and helps in increasing the sales of the eCommerce Mobile App.

8. Rating and Feedback

User rating and feedback option is very much important for any eCommerce business and acts as a guide for others. The user product reviews and rating option helps to improve the satisfaction level of customers and users’ reliability. This helps the customers to have good recommendations and increase the sales of your eCommerce store.

9. Wishlist Functionality

Wishlist is another interesting feature that you should have in your eCommerce Mobile App. The reason being is that the app consists of a huge number of products and it can be very difficult and time taking for the customers to find a favorable product. The inbuilt wishlist feature of the Mobile app creator allows customers to add the product to the wishlist and access them for later purchase.


The eCommerce mobile app is a part of our day to day life these days. The users are getting more dependent on the shopping apps for online purchases. So it is important for the eCommerce store owners to come up with exciting features that make the eCommerce app stand out. Knowband provides a great Mobile app creator module and consists of a team of an experienced pool of developers to do the job. To know more about it, send us an email at

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