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What if we told you that there is a simple way to increase your profits, improve your customer base, and give your brand a boost? It is all possible by developing a smartphone app for your online store. The eCommerce Mobile App is now taking over the industry, drawing many users and racking up huge profits. The number of users who choose to shop on mobile devices is increasingly rising and with that the growth of mobile e-commerce is surplus.

This article is to celebrate the success story of our client ‘Briko Bike’, an eCommerce store which was established in 2008 in France. They built a shopping native mobile app using KnowBand’s eCommerce Mobile App Creator plugin. The app builder plugin automatically creates a shopping app using the data from the website & its APK & IPA files are released on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store. Store owners only have to install the app plugin on their website.

About Briko Bike:

Briko Bike’s store owner is a great enthusiast and old bike collector and he converted the hobby into his profession. You can find a collection of spare parts of the old vintage bikes on the Briko Bike’s website and the Mobile App that was created using KnowBand’s Mobile App Plugin.

Services offered by Briko Bike:

At Briko Bike store, they provide accessories for road bikes, mountain bikes, BMX old school parts, and all the parts from a brake shoe to luggage storage bag. Briko Bike is one of the exclusive stores that sell such products online.

–> Click here to visit Briko Bike Website

–> Click here to Install Briko Bike Mobile Application from Play Store

–> Click here to Install Briko Bike Mobile Application from Apple Store

Top Features of Briko Bike Mobile App:

1. Home-Page, Menu & Category Page:

These app screens are from the Mobile App of ‘Briko Bike’. The Home Page, Navigation Menu, and the Category Tab are shown on the 3 screens above. Store owners get a customized app by using the eCommerce Web App Creator plugin. Using various home page editor tools given on the backend of the eCommerce Mobile App Creator plugin, they can design the home page of their app easily.


2. Categories and Sort Filters for Product Page:

While making a purchase, sometimes it is difficult to find the right product. To simplify the search results, the mobile app is integrated with the category selection and sorting menu as shown in the pictures below. From the listed categories, customers can select desired ones and sort them accordingly.


3. Shopping Cart Design:

The shopping cart is used by e-commerce websites not only to promote a customer’s shopping experience but also to boost sales. Briko Bike Mobile Application has a custom shopping cart. Customers can add one or more products to the cart and purchase them immediately.


4. Clear CTAs:

A lot of emphases is put on the homepage when developing an online shop, which is the first thing visitors see when they arrive. The product page of the Mobile App is highly responsive and its design is drool-worthy that can easily convert. It has a clear ‘CTA’ (Call to Action) button that allows the user to add the product to the cart.


5. Easy Sign-up, log in, and Guest Checkout:

Briko Mobile Application created by KnowBand’s Mobile App Builder provides 3 checkout options for the user. Customers can register by filling up the registration form, log in via Facebook (Social Media Account), and can also opt for a Guest checkout by inserting the email ID. These features are provided by the Mobile App and can be customized as per the user requirements.


Message from Briko Bike:

After long researching and testing different ways to create an application for my Prestashop site, I finally decided on the BUILDER APP module which perfectly matched my expectations.

The main advantage of this module is that you buy it only once and you have no other costs, unlike other solutions which take a percentage on the sale of your products !!!!

This solution is very easy to implement without knowing how to code to obtain a nice and modern application, I still called on the Knowband technical service for some specific improvements which were carried out very quickly according to my request.

I would like to thank the entire Knowband team for their quality work and their reactivity during our exchanges of messages.

I would also like to point out that the Android and Apple applications are put online by the technical service on the stores, let you guide;)

About PrestaShop Android & iOS Mobile App:

KnowBand offers more than 60 PrestaShop modules that are also listed on the official PrestaShop addon store. Some top-notch PrestaShop modules developed by KnowBand are- One Page Checkout Module, Abandoned Cart Module, Return Manager Module, Marketplace Integration modules (eBay, Etsy, Google Shopping), Multi-vendor Marketplace & Android & iOS Mobile app.

The Android & iOS Mobile app module allows the PrestaShop store admin to create a mobile app for the existing PrestaShop store. The store manager needs to purchase the Mobile app module (One-time payment) and along with that he/she has to submit the prerequisite form. As per the shared details, the mobile app development team of the KnowBand will share the app for review and as per the final approval, the APK and IPA files will be shared. These APK and IPA files can be used to list the module on Google and Apple App store. All the data available on the website will get sync to the mobile App automatically in real-time.

For more details please visit the link below:

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

Feel free to contact us for any further details. Please drop an email to

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