Key Factors to Consider Before iOS App Development

Key Factors of Mobile App

The rapid rise in the mobile technology and its influence on the users has led the eCommerce businesses to take a leap from desktop to mobile sites and apps. Bringing the entire store readily available to the online shoppers whenever they need is one of the ways to flourish over the industry. This is why upgrading your business from eCommerce to m-commerce is a must. The popularity of mobile app is also at it’s peak. With an overall user base of 4 billion, it has proved to be a significant area where the online stores can develop an app and reach out to the potential buyers.

The best part of technological advancement is that this up-gradation can now be done with minimal hassle. There are mobile app builder extensions available for the various platforms such as Prestashop, Magento, OpenCart and others. Though, the popularity of android app is on peak but at the same time the iOS users also share an appreciable contribution to the online marketing. The user base of iOS contributes to 20% of the overall mobile users which is a huge number when trying to take over the market.

The app developers need to make sure that the app they develop for Apple app store must meet certain criteria before launching them. In order to be sure of launching a better iOS app that reaches to the users faster and convince them to make a purchase several key factor must be kept in mind. These small details may create a big difference.

Let’s take a look at some of the top things you should be careful about when developing your mobile app for Apple’s iOS platform.

Do some ground research


The app developers might not consider this fact but the iOS apps are meant to make a sale in the store. Unlike the play store where the android apps can be easily made available in the market and reach the users, the iOS apps are meant to be sold. Therefore, these apps are handpicked by the authorities themselves. They don’t want any app to be a part of the iOS user community that doesn’t sell itself. A well research and forward planning must be done by the developing team before launching the app. They must consider all the aspects of the app which may jeopardize the success that they could have made using the app.

The app must be original

Originial App presentation

Using the already picked concept and developing an app out of no originality will land you in a situation where the app may not be able to make it to the market. Thus, the app developers must take their time, use some hints from other successful apps and try to build an app that is based on the original concept. That kind of approach will guarantee that you do not make profit on the App Store, and that your app will never be successful. Since the club is so elitist, there are a lot less apps in general than you would find on the Play Store. This makes it easier to spot unoriginal apps and call them out. Using a previously successful concept will lead on to negative response from the customers and the chances are that the Apple store authorities may discard the app as it has not the features to make out large impact among the users.

Enable better features

Ensure better features

It is also one of the established fact that the App introduces some of the most advance features with their phones. Therefore, it becomes equally important for the iOS app developers to keep the users preferences in mind and iOS trends in mind. They must try to match the latest features that are introduced and the app must give the users a taste of their phones better features. The users will like to test that features and will make use of your app for this purpose. The success of some of the apps is often based upon this concept.

Test your app

Mobile app testing

The app is made to find a spot where the customers pay for the service. It might not be possible at few instances that the developers are able to trigger all the mistakes that are incorporated in the app. This demands a lot of testing and checks from the developer site. The use of a 3rd party or a dummy user crowd can be mad which can use the apps and check for its feasibility in the store. It is always a good thing to delay the launch of the app than to make it available early and cause a damage to reputation due to the presence of different bugs and issues faced by the users.

Let the feedback roll in

Feedback Roll in

Feedbacks are a part of better marketing. The app developers might think that their app is best and fit for the users but this may not be the real case. Thus, taking the advice from the fellow developers and putting the app to beta testing might help a lot in improving the app quality. Any feedback is a good feedback, no matter in what form. Take advice and suggestion from the concerned people who might give their valuable suggestion in improving the app and may encounter some of the issues which you might have skipped during your observation. This helps in delivering an app that is useful for the users.

Over to You

There is always the room for development and if you are planning to launch an iOS app than there are several things you must keep in mind. The mobile store can definitely improve your business chances. A good app is appreciated by users, suggested by enthusiasts and promoted by the Apple store itself.

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