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The current trend followed by mobile app has completely changed from what it used to be some years ago. The mobile apps are becoming more resolved and focus primarily on the real-time problem encountered by the users. The iOS mobile apps are also developed keeping the user’s concern in mind. There was a time when apps which were made available to fulfill common purposes were introduced. Now the focus has shifted from developing apps for entertainment to developing an app for better usage and focus on a targeted objective.

The mobile app builder can be used for developing an app for the iOS platform but the owner must come to make sure that the app they want to develop must attract users to come up and download it. Even the Apple store will feature your mobile app only if they find that the app is able to sell itself. Thus, the mobile apps which follow the latest technology and trend are more likely to reach out to users and get featured else they would be lost like million other mobile apps in the app store about which the users would never come to know.

We can discuss some of the current technology trends in the iOS mobile apps that could help the app developers in developing an app that gets featured and makes better sales in the app store.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


The introduction of Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has brought a revolution in the traditional means of presenting the content in the websites. The web pages and the ads presented in the AMP will load instantly which provides the users with smooth experience and better engagement. Publishers and advertisers can now decide how to present their content and what technology vendors to use. This can be done all by maintaining and improving key performance indicators. It has proved to be a better means of responding to the users as if the website takes a long time t load than no matter how good the content is, the user won’t wait to check it out.

Internet of Thing

Internet of Things (IOT)

Internet of Things is the new generation technology that is catching attention at a very rapid rate. The mobile apps are being developed for watches, belts, and gears which take networking to a whole new level. With the Internet of Things growing in the current scenario, the virtual world and real world are merging and the time is near when the line between two states will completely be erased. This technology can be operated and used to its ultimate by the use of mobile apps. The introduction of the latest Apple smartwatch is one such example of incorporating the use of the IoT concept in mobile apps.

On demands apps

Demand of Apps

The rise in popularity for on-demand eCommerce mobile app is in the rise. Right from getting a taxi to making a purchase on the daily items. These mobile apps are going to take over the whole mobile community by the end of 2020. Thus, the app developers must make sure that they are developing apps which can fulfill the demands of the customers or are concerned with the requirements of the users. One of the major factors that encourages the app developers to introduce such app is due to the fact that all the tech giant wants to promote the mobile marketing and these mobile apps will prove to be an effective step in reaching the required results.

M-Commerce app development

mCommerce App Development

Upgrading your online shopping site into m-commerce can help you stand apart. The shift to mobile and make the business bloom by leveraging the power of mobile phones. The shopping apps are an effortless way to target a larger audience. Thus, turning towards mCommerce is the new trend and eCommerce sites must consider it.

Currently, there are various automatic plugins to own native mobile apps for your eCommerce store. These readymade Mobile App Builder are pre-built in such a way that you can create a pair of featured eCommerce mobile apps in a few steps. This plugin is available for PrestaShop, Magento, Magento 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, and Shopify eCommerce platform. Thus, mCommerce mobile app development is now way simpler than ever.

Security features

Security Feature

Security has been a concern for the iOS users for a long time. Therefore, the Apple store makes sure that all the mobile apps included in the store are made to pass through a security check and they may have trusted certificates before making it public for the users. As the hackers would try to breach into the little security gaps in order to gain access to the important and confidential information. According to a survey 75% of the mobile apps wouldn’t even apps the security tests in the first instance and 70% app directly violate the policy as laid by the iOS developing team. Thus, making sure that the app meets all the required ground rules laid will help in getting the app picked in the Apple store.

Beacon and location based services

Beacon & Location Based Service

Integrated location-based services like Apple’s iBeacon are quite popular. The rise in such technology gives the app developer a chance to move from the traditional Wi-Fi method and shift to the new trend. The apps must be designed to provide iOS users with the best services and offer that they can avail as per their specific location. This advanced technology gives a major scope to personalized app marketing. Making availability of such apps will help in meeting the new standards and surely the chances are to get featured in the iOS mobile app store.


Over to You

The introduction of the new technology has led the app developers to move from the traditional method of developing apps. The app developer snow needs to enhance their skills when it comes to making an app available. iOS is developing at a rapid rate so must the app. The chances are better for a mobile app to reach majority if they incorporate better concept.

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