How to build an eCommerce Mobile App?


Mobile Commerce and its growth:

We all can witness the impact of digitization in this tech-centric world. Along with all the major sections, the eCommerce industry has witnessed tremendous growth and advancements in the past few years. Earlier the shoppers were only limited to the websites for product purchase. But, as the majority of online sellers took their website business to the mobile platform, the mobile shopping app is a kind of necessity rather than just a luxury.

First of all, let’s narrow down the exact difference between eCommerce and m-commerce. Mobile commerce is selling products on various handheld devices while eCommerce is selling products through online websites. Many marketing experts are quoting that worldwide mCommerce is about to reach around $693B by the end of 2019.


Mobile Apps are a kind of inevitable need nowadays with the constant increase in mobile users on daily basis. The shoppers want everything at their fingertips to which they can easily reach. But, the need for eCommerce mobile apps often get ignored by online merchants and ultimately faces a huge loss.

How eCommerce mobile apps came out as a trend?

Creating a mobile app for your eCommerce website isn’t just limited to code one. You need to make sure that the app should be matching exactly with your website in terms of both look and functionality. Instead of providing some simple programmable apps to your users, think of a better approach and offer them one with all the help and assistance.

Who doesn’t want to opt for such eCommerce apps which can boost their website revenue? Mobile apps enhance the reach of your regional online business among the worldwide audience. They take your business to every corner of the world where you ever want to reach physically. But, you must be sure about the kind of mobile app which is being offered to your users. Let’s begin with a few basic questions which you should ask for your app:

1. Is your mobile app capable of targeting the right audience?
2. Does your mobile app support the products you sell?
3. How can you manage the inventory with the apps?
4. Can your app expand your business on a global scale?
5. Is your app interface enough seamless and appealing?
6. Is product purchase simple for the shoppers?
7. Can you manage the app functionalities on your own?
8. Can you optimize the home screen UI as per various occasions?
Last but not least,
9. How will you manage the app and store simultaneously at the same time?

These are some basic queries which should be considered before going for coding or non-coding way to create an eCommerce mobile app. There are various other aspects to be analyzed as well while creating eCommerce mobile app.

Key essentials for flawless mobile app creation:


1.  User Experience:

Your app design should be user-centric. All the features and functionalities of your eCommerce mobile app should be crystal clear for mobile shoppers. Try to use the right color selection and correct usage of other designing elements to lure the user’s attention just with the perfect designed app. Often it happens that the mobile app visitors access the app because of the awesome designs and end up as a potential user.

Moreover, you should try to keep a brand touch in your apps. Your app portrays your business to the users so, try to keep it as effective as it can. The app screens should be crafted nicely and the transactions between them must be smooth. Display your store logo on the app and promote your brand as well along with the store products.

2. Audience Analysis

Being an eCommerce store owner you must analyze your target audience. This research has its own significance as it lets you make the decision based on user’s likes, dislikes, purchase behavior etc. It will help you in providing the exact mobile app which your user needs.

Your marketing strategies actually rely on this core aspect of eCommerce business. In this age of sternest competition, you don’t afford to make any error as it can make you lose loads of conversions and leads. Keeping your app features as per the audience taste and preference will definitely be a silver bullet for your business.

3. Track Competition

List down your competition who have already gone mobile or looking forward to doing so. Analyze their move and check what makes them a better choice for the users than you. Research their best features and benefits and try to make up the most out of this analysis.

4. Right Technology

Choosing the right technology for your app is the prime requirement for eCommerce mobile app development. Your app must be updated with all the latest advancements and should work without any flaw. Try to opt for the native eCommerce mobile apps in order to provide sustainability. Similarly, you also need to decide whether you want to develop an Android app or an iOS app or both as per your targeted audience.

These were some of the core aspects of understanding and analysis before actually going for app development. Now let’s take a look at some of the must-have features of your eCommerce Mobile App.


Top eCommerce Mobile App Features you should look for!


1. Easy Registration Process

In this paced day to day lives no one wants to fumble with the lengthy login forms when it comes to access your app. Many eCommerce store owners ignore this fact and eventually it doesn’t end well. You must not make this mistake and incorporate quick login options in your app in the first place.

Moreover, there must be at least 2-3 login options in your apps including social media networks. Providing one or two tap login option in your app could not only motivate them to open the app and browse the store but also boost sale for your business.

2. Easy Payment Options

Let’s take an instance that a user has visited your app and added products in its cart. But, when he/she tried to make the payment there weren’t enough payment options. This will surely make the user leave without successful product purchase.

You should be serious about providing multiple reliable and user-favorite payment options in your app. With Amazon Pay, PayPal, COD, Braintree, Stripe etc. you can easily push your users to make the purchase.

3. Social Network Integration

No one can deny the power of social media. If you are running a business, social media could be a game changer for you if used properly. Your eCommerce mobile app also needs social integration in order to popularize it.

Right from one-tap login to social sharing of products, the mobile apps will spread your word of mouth among potential buyers. So, you must connect the basic social networks in your app for improved benefits.

4. Full Synchronization

Being an eCommerce store owner managing both apps and the store simultaneously could be hectic for you. So, why not connect both with each other? Offer 100% synchronization between your store and the mobile apps and speed-up your inventory management process.

Once the apps and your online website are in synchronization, all the updates made on the website are automatically get reflected on the mobile apps. This halves your workload and saves plenty of time to focus on the competition and improve sales.

5. Push Notifications

Your app is the major communication source between you and the buyer if it has the right tool. Push notifications are the perfect marketing tool for an eCommerce mobile app. Sending personalized notifications to the app users would increase the app engagement. Notifying the users regarding discounts, sales, offers, and other store-related details would definitely enhance your eCommerce store sales.

6. App Personalization

All the top eCommerce mobile apps offer the best shopping experience to the app users. You should opt for the eCommerce mobile app solution which allows you to personalize the home screen on your own.

Your app’s home screen is responsible for the first impression on the users. So, you must make sure it certainly meets the user’s expectation. This will even help the store admin to drive more sales to your store. There is various automated eCommerce mobile app solution for PrestaShop, OpenCart, Magento, Magento 2, WooCommerce and others that allow you to present the desired layout in your apps. You can even read various tips to design beautiful eCommerce mobile apps.

7. Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is an important aspect which shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. While shopping online through your app there is a chance that user might be in doubt regarding the purchase. So, there must be reliable contact options in your app. This will not only let your users directly contact you regarding any query or problem but also brings their loyalty to your store.

8. Easier Checkout

The simpler is your checkout screen, more are the chances of a successful purchase. Easy checkout screen often motivates the users not to abandon the cart without making payment.

Wrap Up

This tour of developing eCommerce mobile app would have hopefully cleared that the mobile apps are better than online websites. So go ahead, do all your research and analysis and choose the right eCommerce mobile app development solution.

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