Coding Or Non-Coding: What to choose for eCommerce mobile app?

Looking for the number of bucks required to get a pair of native eCommerce mobile apps? Read on to find the answer.

Why eCommerce mobile app is a big deal today?

Digitization has touched our lives in the past few years in ways we never imagined. With the ever-growing mobile app market and the ease of shopping provided by mobile devices, the apps have made their mark in the eCommerce industry. The mobile apps for shopping have overtaken the desktop websites with their motive of ‘Shop on the go’. If we believe to the following stats, in the year 2018, 16 percent of worldwide shoppers used their smartphones to buy products. This data was earlier 11% in the year 2017.


All the eCommerce store owners would have dreamed of their store getting crowded with the users. E-Commerce mobile apps could make it true by targeting the majority of mobile users worldwide. Additionally, the ease of doing business with eCommerce mobile apps has no comparison at all. All of these facts and figures are that mobile apps are leading the debate on mobile apps Vs mobile websites.

How should be your eCommerce mobile app?


The exact cost is determined by the aspects that you take into consideration while app development. And, that’s totally up to you! You should get your eCommerce mobile app developed as per your choice and need. But, before that, the basic step is to keep all the concerned factors crystal clear. There are a few key aspects which are a must if you are really sighting your app as a game changer. Let’s have a glimpse of them:

1. Audience Analysis will let you know where to hit!

While developing an eCommerce mobile app, the user analysis is the most essential and basic thing, to begin with.  The success of your business exactly depends on whether you are fulfilling buyer requirements or not.

The fundamental step in the buyer analysis is determining to whom are you selling the product with the app? Their shopping behavior and patterns must be analyzed to know the buyer likings and disliking. Carrying out this research in the précised manner will ultimately get you a relatable approach for your app.

2. Choosing the right technology will get your app far!

Another major aspect is using the right technology while developing your eCommerce mobile app. Along with keeping an eye on the budget of app development, you should go for the solution that offers you maximum benefits. From keeping the perfect synchronization between app and website to multiple language integration are few such technological advancements that you must opt for your app.

Actually, in my opinion, you should go for the native mobile app development solution.  Determine the platform/OS that you will target, whether it will be Android or iOS or both. This is directly based on the preference of the user’s devices and that will be acquired from user analysis.

3. The well-designed app would voice out your brand loudly!

Try to craft your app design soothing and intuitive without getting it cluttered in any possible way. The appealing app visuals, seamless transactions from one app screen to another, alluring color themes and font styles are some designing factors which can provide an unmatchable shopping experience to your users.

Your app is your business identity. So, it should be kept as user-friendly as it could. Your mobile app should present your store to the users with the motive to create an ever-lasting impression.

There are various other such factors as well, but these above discussed must be considered before developing the eCommerce mobile app. Let’s move on to how much does it will cost?

What is the cost involved in eCommerce mobile app development?


Cost required for creating a mobile app is technically narrowed down to two main factors:

  1. Who will be your app developer?
  2. How much amount are you planning to invest?

You should be certain about the money and approach regarding the mobile app development. From here, you can go for either of the choices.

1. Coding:

The first one is to hire a developer for the job which could cost much as you have to make him permanently available for your app. You would have to pay the person every time for even small changes in your app.

2. Non-coding:

The much better and seamless option is to choose a pre-configured mobile app solution. There are various such readymade frameworks available in the market which can get the desired apps for you without any change in the code. The best part about this option is that you would be the boss of your app as its functionalities can be managed over a few clicks and button toggles from the admin panel.

Also, the mobile apps provided by the readymade solution are fully featured and have all the required functionalities for your business. These eCommerce mobile app solutions even provide free support to developed apps. So, if any issue happens in future you wouldn’t need to worry about that.



Till now, you have got the idea that developing an eCommerce mobile app is a tough decision and requires a lot of analysis and research in the first place. But, there are the ways discussed above through which you can get the job done without any hassle. Knowband understood this concern of all the eCommerce store owners of different platform and came up with the easiest and cost-effective solution Mobile App Builder for Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento, WooCommerce and Magento 2 platforms.

Please do drop us your reviews and comments regarding eCommerce mobile app development. We would love to hear from you.

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