Reduce Abandoned Carts For Your Magento Sites With The Help Of This Magento Abandoned Cart Plugin


The E-commerce industry is facing a lot of challenges that are dragging its conversion rates and product sales down. These problems are plaguing e-commerce organizations for a long time. Increased shopping cart abandonments are one such problem that is affecting numerous e-commerce businesses in a bigger way. But, here is good news for all those that are facing the severe problem of increased abandoned shopping cart over the years. The situation is going to change immensely due to the arrival of this Magento Abandoned cart plugin that has some of the wonderful features to change the face of your online business to a great extent.

Helps in providing easy incentives to site visitors

Most of the customers often don’t complete their shopping orders and abandon their cart in the middle due to the absence of any attractive shopping offers. However, now with these eCommerce Magento extensions, business organizations can easily add discount coupons in the reminder emails of their customers so as to encourage them to complete their pending shopping orders.

Customization facility in email templates

Perfectly tailored reminder emails play an important role in the completion of the pending shopping orders. With the rich email customization features of this module, business organizations can easily give a personal touch to their reminder emails. They can now change the color, size, text, and layout of their email templates so as to make them more appealing to your abandoned cart customers. With these personalized emails, e-commerce organizations can easily reduce their abandoned shopping carts and can improve their conversion rates to a great extent.

Quick recovery of the shopping carts

The Magento abandoned cart plugin has greatly simplified the whole process of recovering the abandoned carts with just a simple click. Now, customers don’t have to add the entire contents to their shopping carts again for completing their pending order at a later stage. This enhanced simplicity in the recovery of the abandoned shopping carts has prompted the various customers to complete their pending shopping orders at their suitable time.

Some features of Magento Abandoned Cart Reminder Extension

  1. Unlimited email reminders
  2. Send Pop-up reminder
  3. Web-browser notification reminder
  4. Pre crafted discounted, non-discounted email templates
  5. Schedule reminder emails and follow-up email
  6. Gives a graphical view of the abandoned cart value and converted cart value
  7. Monitor all the used and unused discount coupons

Along with this, there are several functionalities that make this module different from the other available extensions. Take a demo tour of Magento 2 Abandoned cart module and Magento Abandoned cart plugin.


It is time to understand how some of the eCommerce extensions can greatly simplify the lives of both the shoppers as well as business organizations. Abandoned cart reminder is really a pioneering achievement in the field of the e-commerce industry which is grappling with the increased instances of shopping cart abandonment. With its wonderful features and easy user interface, Magento abandoned cart extension is really a day saver for numerous e-commerce organizations around the world.

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