Provide Your Magento Customers An Easy Social Login Facility With This Social Extension

Various e- commerce organizations are giving added emphasis to the social login on their site so that visitors can engage with their business organization and can create the necessary awareness about their featured products and e- commerce company. But, the major stumbling block in this regard is the complex social login facility that makes it extremely difficult for your visitors to login into your e- commerce site. By analyzing this grave situation, our organization has developed a wonderful e- commerce social checkout module for Magento site owners that can ensure customers a seamless social login facility. Here are the salient features of this Magento Social Login extension that has created huge ripples in the online business community.

Faster sign up facility through interactive login facility

Now, customers don’t have to create unnecessary accounts for logging into their social media accounts as they can now easily login through interactive popup login options. They can seamlessly login with their existing social media accounts due to this wonderful Magneto extension. It also consists of a “Quick login” feature that help visitors to login successfully without filling out any login form.

Work uninterruptedly with multiple devices

By thinking about the diverse range of online customers that are using multiple devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones or tablets, this e- commerce modules can be used with any of these devices without any problem. Its responsive design makes it superb to be used across multiple devices and offer same level of services to every customers irrespective of the device used by them.

Trouble free installation and configuration

This Magento social extensions is very easy to be installed by any individual irrespective of its technical and non- technical background. The user can effortlessly transfer files from the server to the Magneto site and can simultaneously install it also. It has facilitated the quick installation and configuration with a simple click.

Effective management of the social accounts

For preventing the misuse of the social accounts by some miscreants, this module has provided freedom to site admin for easy enabling or disabling of the social media accounts through the back end of the web store. Further, it has helped in the easy checkout process as customers can seamlessly access their social media accounts if their account is showing disabled.

Allow effective sorting of the social media buttons

One of the best feature of this social module is that it allows effective sorting of the social buttons on the horizontal and vertical basis. Moreover, site admin can easily drag and drop the social media buttons and can decide about placing these buttons horizontally or vertically. By using A/B testing tool he can check which button is more preferred by the customers.

Effortless customization and tracking facilities

Now, with the help of this Magento social module, site admin are capable of making swift changes in the social bar headings and the text of the login link. Further, it provides authority to site admin to track any desired social media account of customer and analyze his/her complete login history through various social media accounts.

So, you don’t have to be impatient if you are unable to get the effective number of followers on social media, all you need to do is just surf our e- commerce site, By visiting our Knowband site, users can place an easy order for this social media module or any other e- commerce module for their Magento, OpenCart and PrestaShop customers.

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