Beginning of a new era of easy checkout process with the emergence of Magento One Page Supercheckout Lite Module

Gone are those days when the customer on your e- commerce site used to complain about the lengthy and time consuming checkout process on your website. This is because everything has become much simplified and faster with the emergence of this Magento One Page Supercheckout. Its brilliant features has made it one of the most popular Magento checkout extensions among numerous e- commerce stores. Here are some of its mind blowing features that has made the lives of numerous online shoppers and store owners much easier.

It comes equipped with feature rich admin panel

With the presence of numerous options on the admin panel, store admin can easily manage their whole e- commerce store effectively. They can easily make desired changes in the layout, content, theme and design of their website based on the requirements of their business organization. Apart from this, store admin can make certain fields mandatory in the checkout process and can simultaneously enable/disable fields so as to simplify the whole checkout process.

Facilitates easy installation and configuration of the module

One of the best point about this Magento module is that it can be easily installed and configured by any individual with a minimum technical know how. This minimizes the requirement of any external technical support during the whole installation and configuration of this checkout extension. All this can be single handedly done by a person who is capable to work on the computers.

Consists of Ajax based checkout process for Magento based e- commerce stores

The checkout process of this extension is based on ajax which means that there is faster sharing of the information between client side and server side without the need for the frequent reloading of the whole web page. Due to this, the checkout process doesn’t require redirects and the necessary information is effectively shared between the involved parties for a faster completion of the payment process.

Has free installation guide and support for helping out the customers that are in distress

Inspite of the easy installation, there are few customers who are unable to perform the required instructions in a right way during the installation process and often end up in the middle of the installation process. To assist these types of customers, this module has free installation guide that can provide a step by step guidance during the installation process. Further, you can also take the help of our free technical support by our helpdesk link Through this help desk, customers with a issue can create a new ticket about their problem and can also check the status of their ticket regarding their pending technical issues.

It is high time to address the long pending checkout related issues of your site visitors through this Magento module. Also, you do not need to think about your budget anymore as this module is absolutely free. Further, if you want to add any other functionality on your e- commerce store, you just need to surf our e- commerce site, to look out for other extensions related to Magento, PrestaShop and OpenCart platforms.

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