A brilliant market place for the community of buyers and sellers

Online shopping has become one of the most promising business segment and numerous e- commerce organizations are trying their luck in this fastly growing e- commerce business segment. Busy lifestyles and the ease of shopping from a given place has given the sudden boom to this trend of online shopping. It has become a multi billion dollar industry and various e- commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and such others has shown us that it is not some under- estimated business territory. To enhance the online engagement of the customers and sellers, here is a wonderful Magento module known as Magento Multi vendor Marketplace that can take the online shopping experience to an all new level.

Increased functionality and freedom to store admin

The rich features and functionalities provided by this module has made it one of the top 5 Magento extensions. With the help of this extension, store admin can take various crucial decisions like managing of the vendors list, management of the sellers account, providing approval or disapproval to sellers regarding the addition of a product on your marketplace, deciding the commission rates for the vendors, check seller transactions and other such features. It has made the site admin the focal point of all business related activity on your site.

Effective email notification system

One of the top class feature of this wonderful plugin is its effective email notification system. It provides timely updates to all the parties involved in the marketplace namely store admin, vendors and sellers about all the information regarding the marketplace. The module provides regular information about the addition or any changes in the seller or vendor account to admin and any changes in the vendor and seller accounts to the respective vendors and sellers accordingly. It provides important updates and information to all the people that are involved in the business at the marketplace and has earned it the name among the best ecommerce modules.

Helps the seller community by providing the various features

This Magento marketplace extension has given much freedom and functionality to the seller community in the form of various features. Sellers can now manage their account profiles and product details, manage product quantity and price, effective front end login facility, easy access to the sales information, quick changes in the seller page by adding desired logo, banner, HTML content and other such features. It has given the sellers freedom to define their account according to their taste and preferences.

So, it is time to look out for this plugin and any other extensions on our e- commerce site knowband.com for giving a new definition to the online shopping experience. It is really a master plugin that can solve the various concerns of the different communities like sellers, buyers and store admins. Make a master stroke decision now and purchase this plugin for increased conversion rates and product sales.

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