Converge your buyers and sellers at a single place with this Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace Module

Imagine a extension that can bring both buyers and sellers at a single point of engagement for facilitating online business. Strange and unbelievable it may seem to you but it is actually possible with the introduction of this Magento Marketplace extension which is known as Magento Multi vendor Marketplace module among various e- commerce organizations of the world. It has done which was earlier thought as unthinkable and has brought both the potential buyers and sellers at the same platform. Due to its brilliant features, this module is becoming quite popular among the various communities that are involved in the e- commerce business.

An engaging and user friendly interface for both sellers and buyers

The extension offers a wonderful user friendly interface to both the buyers and sellers simultaneously. Now, sellers can easily manage their account profiles, price, product quantity, logo, commission rates, addition or deletion of any products in their product categories and other such parameters through seamless access to their seller accounts. Similarly, buyers can easily check the list of all sellers, name of the sellers, ratings of their products, products displayed by the sellers and other such features through the front end of the admin panel.

Easy registration and management of the seller account

With the help of this Magento extension, buyers as well as any other individual can easily register as seller by selecting the “Register as Seller” option on the registration form. It is also easy to manage the seller accounts with the products that are intended to be sold. Sellers don’t have to maintain the account of the products on their individual site and can easily sell their products online with the help of this module. Sellers have the freedom to make desired changes to their seller accounts and can also check their seller transactions through interactive reports. They can also create their separate product collection by using their own banner, shop logo and custom HTML content. This user friendly interface also helps in providing crucial information like income, revenue per order, items sold and other such features to seller community. Apart from this, sellers can decide special price for their products by using “Special price from” and “Special price to” dates.

Helps in increasing conversion rates and product sales

This Marketplace extension has helped in providing a new definition to the online shopping by providing various features and functionalities. Now, store admins can easily create their own marketplace for various branded products without any need for maintaining inventory control. Further, in order to increase the global reach and sales of your products, multiple currency systems are supported by this extension so that buyers can easily purchase products in their native currency system. Also, sellers can make use of social URLs so as to include social links on their sellers accounts for increasing their popularity and brand value among the social media customers. With all these features, it is easily understandable that this module is truly a big booster for online business community.

Now, don’t wait for any miracle to happen that can improve the performance and conversion rates for your e- commerce organization but instead surf our e- commerce site to purchase this extension. It is really a golden opportunity that can improve the fortunes of your business organization to a great extent. If you miss this, then be ready to lag behind your business rivals in terms of conversion rates and product sales.

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