Create marketplace for your Magento Site by availing the services of this Magento E-Commerce Module

The world is shrinking rapidly in terms of the connectivity and business engagements and the whole credit goes to the ever increasing online community. Today people can easily order products from an online store sitting at their place and can get it delivered to their desired location through the use of various shipping services. This facility has led to the mega boom in the e- commerce industry and has opened new doors of opportunity for everyone. Further, there are various e- commerce plugins like Magento Multi vendor marketplace that have brought buyers and sellers more closer to each other and has boosted the e- commerce business to a great extent. Take a look at the various features of this amazing module from our organization, Knowband that has broken every regional, geographical and linguistic barriers to emerge victorious among its business rivals.

  • Eliminates the need for managing inventory- With the help of this module, store admin can easily create an effective marketplace for their particular business segment in a short span of time. Further, you don’t need to manage any inventory control for your products and can contribute in your operational cost cutting methods.
  • Seamless registration as sellers- This Magento module facilitates easy registration of the buyers into the community of sellers. In this way, anybody can register as seller and can sell their products online through this e- commerce module.
  • Provides vast opportunity to sellers for expanding their business footprints- This multi purpose module has simplified the online business activity to a great extent by removing the requirement of creating and maintaining websites for selling products online. Further, it provides multiple features and services to the community of sellers which can provide them tremendous help in expanding their business organization as well as their targeted customers.
  • Keep buyers, sellers and store admin regularly updated through effective email notification system- Due to the superb email notification feature of this e- commerce extension, all the concerned people like buyers, sellers and store admin are always informed about the latest updates. It provides necessary information to the store admin regarding creation of a new account or whenever any required action is performed on the account. Further, with this email system, vendor can get all the required information about new orders and product approvals regarding their seller accounts.
  • Can be easily integrated with any theme along with the flexibility to modify source code according to your business requirements- One of the special feature of this Magento module is that it can work perfectly with any type of theme and can be used on any type of devices like desktop, laptop, smart phones or tablets due to its responsive design. Apart from this, the extension is designed on an open source code that can be easily modified by different business organizations as per their needs and requirements.
  • Effective feedback and review system for sellers for evaluation purposes- By showcasing the product reviews along with the star rating system for sellers, this marketplace module can inform buyers about the most efficient seller. Moreover, with the help of approved customer feedback about your products and services, business organizations can improve their product sales and conversion rates to a great extent.
  • Supports multiple currencies and other features to improve your online business presence- In order to provide easy online shopping experience to its wide range of global customers, the e- commerce module supports multiple currencies of various countries so that people can seamlessly shop online in their native currencies. Further, it allows various types of products like simple, downloadable, virtual, bundled and other such types to boost your online business activity.

These are some of the important factors that establishes the reputation of this wonderful e- commerce plugin for setting up your own marketplace for your Magento website. So, explore new doors of online business and product sales through this Magento Multi vendor marketplace to carve out a niche place for your business organization. Don’t waste your time in just thinking, you need to surf our e- commerce website, and purchase this extension now for a promising online business fortune.

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