Make Online Shopping Experience for your Customers a Thrilling Experience with our Prestashop Ajax Cart + Addon

In this digital world where everybody is racing against time to complete all the scheduled tasks on time, doing outdoor shopping can be an unpleasant idea for numerous people. Due to this restricted time schedule, more and more people are gearing up for online shopping which not only saves time but also eliminates the need to handle those multiple shopping bags. But, now customers can enjoy a new level of online shopping from their home with the introduction of this Prestashop Ajax Cart + Addon which has simplified the online shopping completely. It is now easy to add or remove any products, make changes in your product quantity and make any other such changes seamlessly without any need to visit your shopping cart page. Some of the features that are making it so popular among the merchant community are as follows:

Helps in increasing product sales- Due to the clean, interactive and easy access to the shopping cart, customers can make changes in their shopping cart products, product quantity, view estimated cost, view the products of their shopping carts, apply discount coupons and other such adjustments. This helps in increasing sales by facilitating product up- sell. Further, this enhanced flexibility helps in the completion of the pending shopping cart orders and thus increases the conversion rates to a great extent.

Helps in the promotion of the offers and banners on shopping cart- With the effective functionality of this module, store owners can easily make any offers and banners on the shopping carts of their customers. It allows freedom to store owners to run any shopping campaigns to boost the sales of their advertised products on their e- commerce store.

Promotes trust between customer- company relationship- By providing an easy, user friendly interface to your potential customers through this Prestashop Ajax Cart + module, business organizations can increase trust and mutual understanding among its potential customers. This seamless interface allows customers to easily make any desired changes in their shopping carts and thus boosts their confidence and trust into an e- commerce site.

Increases engagement of buyers with your website- One of the wonderful aspect of this module is its easy to use admin panel. It consists of numerous features that provides great power to site owners regarding the layout, appearance, design and functionality of your shopping carts. It helps site admins to make necessary changes in their shopping carts to make online shopping easier and to encourage seamless checkout facility.

So, with this module, it becomes easier for site owners as well as customers to manage their shopping carts without any hiccups. The installation of this module will be a huge boost for increasing the conversion rates and product sales for your business organization. Get ready to increase the functionality of your e- commerce site by placing an order for this addon through our e- commerce site and also check our other valuable modules for various platforms like Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and such others.

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