Get your abandoned customers back to your E- commerce store with this Prestashop Plugin

Things can be really bad for any e- commerce organizations when customers are constantly abandoning your e- commerce site and you are actually clueless about what to do to stop this present trend. It is actually a matter of great concern for any business organizations who are working hard to get a comfortable position in the field of e- commerce business. Increasing number of abandoned customers affect both the conversion rates and credibility of your business organization among your targeted customers. But, now e- commerce organizations can take a big sigh of relief due to the emergence of this wonderful Prestashop Abandoned Cart plugin. Here are some of its brilliant features that are selling it as hot pan cakes among its targeted customers.

Facility of customized reminder emails-

The plugin provides a wonderful feature of sending reminder emails to its abandoned shopping cart customers to help them complete their pending shopping orders. Further, they can schedule the number of serial reminders that needs to be sent to a customer, change the email template for their reminder emails, add or ignore the shopping coupons in their reminder emails, can include percentage based or fixed amount based coupons to customers along with/without free shipping facility and other such customization features.

Helps in completing the pending orders effectively-

With the help of this Prestashop Abandoned Cart module, it is easier to target your abandoned customers so as to influence them to complete their pending shopping orders. They can easily recover their earlier selected shopping cart with just a simple click and thus eliminates the need to add products again for making an order. Moreover, customers can easily go to each product page and these facilities are enjoyed by the guest shopper also. This module helps in the addition of the coupon codes into the shopping carts of the abandoned customers and in turn increases the chances of completion of pending shopping order.

Works effectively on various mobile based devices-

As, more and more online sales are happening through various mobile based devices, so the plugin is specially designed to target this growing customer base. Its responsive design allows easy recovery of the customer abandoned carts on mobile devices and helps in increasing the conversion rates for the e- commerce company. So, with this plugin, business organizations can easily cater to different types of customers who are using different devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets more effectively.

This plugin is a wonderful opportunity for all those e- commerce organizations who are facing the grave situation of increasing shopping cart abandonments. With its purchase, they now have the golden chance to turn their helplessness into their biggest business opportunity and can make outstanding results in terms of conversion rates and product sales.

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