Why they abandon the cart? A customer’s perspective on cart abandonment

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Abandoned cart is the biggest revenue killer for all those e-commerce websites that are operating out there. With an average cart abandonment rate of over 50% for almost all e-commerce websites, the question arises, what is the reason behind it? To get a deeper look at the problem, we need to look upon the issue from the perspective of a customer to understand it better. Here, we will discuss those points which annoy the customer to abandon the cart.

Why customer abandons a cart?

  1. Lack of details: Most of the customers point out that due to lack of certain information like return and shipment policy, they are forced to abandon the cart. This information is crucial as they contribute in promoting transparency and builds a customer connect instantly, as the customer knows what to expect from your side.
  2. Website crash/slow loading: This is another major reason which customers find very annoying. Since the whole meaning of e-commerce is quick, easy and seamless transaction for the customer, unnecessary delay in loading and unwanted crashes of your website would give a huge blow to this seamless experience. Thus, you must ensure that your website is bug-free, responsive and up to date so as to cater the needs of the customers. You need to work on your website loading speed immediately if it is having any such speed issue.
  3. Lack of payment options: Limited payment options during checkouts act as final nail on your conversion rates coffin. Nowadays, customers want to avail the benefits offered by various payment modes so as to avail the discount on their purchase. Restricting the customer to a particular payment mode not only results in cart abandonment but also restricts your customer base. Because, some customers may not want to use that payment method or they do not have an access to the payment mode which you are offering.
  4. Lengthy checkout process: Long checkout process with lots of unnecessary details to be filled often forces the customer to opt out. Nobody likes to wait for loading of 5-10 pages to fill a detail information when his/her motive is a fast and easy transaction. In this regard, you need to update your e-commerce website with any of the One page checkout modules based on your CMS platform. PrestaShop One page checkout is one such addon which you can opt for your e-commerce website.
  5. Shipping charges: Asking for shipping charges act as a great diverge for your conversions. Most of the customer that transact online prefer to purchase from a website that offers free shipping or a minimum charge for shipment. Customers generally don’t like to pay charges over and above the product price and when certain shipment charges are added they make the product costly from the customers perspective. Moreover, customers can easily find an alternative to your site which might offer free shipping on the same kind of purchase.


Looking at the problems from the customer’s perspective has an optimum chance to deliver you with certain positive solutions. Cart abandonment is one such problem which requires itself to be analyzed from the customer’s perspective. The points discussed above would certainly help you in getting a deeper insight into the problem.

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