How seller can take benefit from Google shopping free listing


Due to coronavirus pandemic, eCommerce traffic has suddenly increased because of lockdown, and also no one wants to leave their homes. Most of the peoples are now shopping online due to lockdown. In this difficult time, Google Shopping allows merchants to list their products in free.

This free listing helps many smaller businesses who are unable to afford Google Shopping. It provides the opportunity to increase a store’s visibility, featuring their products to the millions of users who use Google Shopping every day.

What actually is Google Shopping:


Similar to other ad platforms like Facebook or Instagram ads, Google Shopping ads – also known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs) – are another way to gather customers and make conversions and sales. Although Google Shopping ads are not much popular as compare to other social media platforms, but still they account for over 16 percent of eCommerce industry sales.

Google Shopping ads appear on the top right corner of the search results. They are much different from the text ads seen in search results because they include pictures of the product.

Because these ads give shoppers all the relevant information they need – price, picture, etc. – these ads have a higher chance of conversions. In fact, the conversion rate of Google Shopping is 30 percent higher than other text ads. These make Google Shopping such a powerful platform.

Golden Chance For Existing And New Users:

Existing sellers are now able to list their full inventories as opposed to promoting only some products through paid ads on the platform. New merchants can now apply to list products for free through Google’s Merchant Center.

New Partnerships:

As part of this, Google is also collaborated with PayPal to help bring more merchants onto the platform in a faster way by letting them connect their existing Paypal accounts for accepting online payments. Google is also working with eCommerce companies such as Shopify to ensure businesses that operate their work mostly through their websites can quickly shift to selling on Google Shopping.

How sellers can optimize their listings to get more conversions:


This gives relief to small sellers but, it also promotes tough competition. Google will still surface product listings from vendors that submit clean, relevant, and frequently updated information. To do well in the game, your product feed must be well-optimized. Following are key points to remembers while optimizing your listing:

Title And Description:

When you creating titles and product descriptions avoid keyword stuffing. For titles, pick a target keyword and put it close to the front of your product title as possible. 

Attractive Image:

Product images are generally used to attract customers. The first impression is the last impression. Keep it professional and remove any kind of watermarks, logos, or additional text, etc.

Effective Price:

Make sure to analyze competitor prices for similar products and price yours accordingly. Since there will be no way to bid on the incremental traffic you would get from these free organic listings, it will be even more important to have a strategic approach with pricing.

Targeted Category:

Your product category is playing an important role as it is a backend attribute that Google takes into consideration when populating the Shopping search results. Your product will be more relevant if you choose more targeted categories.

How we can help you to list your store products to Google Shopping?


We provide you Google Shopping integration Extensions that help you to integrate your eCommerce stores with Google shopping easily. With the help of these integration extensions, you can easily promote your products on Google Shopping.

 So if you are also selling on eCommerce platforms like Prestashop, Opencart, and Magento then you must try these extensions.

The major benefits of these extensions are as follows:

Profile Management: Sellers can promote products on Google Shopping by creating various profiles.This will allow the sellers to select basic settings like category selection, currency selection, etc.

UTM Tracking: Sellers can easily track their traffic came from Google Shopping using different UTM parameters.

Feed Management: Sellers can schedule their product listing by creating feeds. After creating feeds products will be listed automatically without any manual interference.

Audit Logs: Sellers can also track all their activities by checking the audit logs.

Enable or Disable Products: Using a single click seller can enable or disable their product listing from Google Shopping.


This is a golden opportunity for small businesses that are unable to afford paid ads. Google Shopping free listing helps you to provide more conversion. Moreover, if you are selling on other eCommerce platforms like Prestashop, Opencart and Magento then you can also try our Plugin which helps you to drive more traffic and sales to your online stores.

How to sell on Google Shopping?

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