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The way ecommerce business is growing with pace, the approach of selling and purchasing goods is also changing. Today, customer demands are increasing, so the sellers always try to surprise the users and lure them to keep themselves always ahead of the curve. We all demand a variety of products on all the platforms around us. The shift of eCommerce website business to the mobile phone is because of the quick, fast and effortless shopping experience it offers. Retailers, on the other hand, need to be updated about all the latest eCommerce trends so that they can grab the advantages and grow their businesses to new heights.

Google express like Amazon is one of the largest online selling platforms which enables the retailers to capitalize on low competition and high volume. The reason behind this is that only a few retailers are selling their goods on this platform, unlike Amazon and Google shopping.

Google express: Intensify your shopping actions with new Google’s platform

The Prefix “Google” is not itself enough for uplifted sales and growth of your business. Before embracing the Google shopping action, there are a few things that one needs to know about.

Google express is the online shopping platform that allows the customers to buy products from mobile phones through Google express app, this app is available for the Android and the iOS platforms, Google Voice assistance and (Desktop). Google Express brings a great opportunity for the sellers to get themselves enrolled and grow their business. Google express as only a few retailers have enrolled yet, which makes it a growing platform with the least competition. As of now, this service is only confined to the US continental. Retailer’s products will earn better visibility with Google express. Google express enables the display of retailer products on Google search, Google Home devices, Google voice search, the Google express mobile app and the Google assistance for mobile.

For the List of enrolled retailers, click here.

Want to sell products on Google Express?

 Follow these simple and easy 9 steps:

  1. Selling on Google Express is much simpler! Before starting to sell products on the Google express, the sellers need to fill a sign up Google Shopping Actions. Sign up form is the entry form of the Google Shopping Actions program.
  2. After the approval, the sellers need to set up their storefront. In the Shopping Action tab of the Google’s Merchant Center, choose the product feed you would like to sell through Google Shopping Actions.
  3. Then upload all your banners, color and logo. These brandings will appear on the Google Express storefront and marketing material.­­ Provide your payment details for receiving payments and for invoicing.
  4. In your tax settings, make sure you’re collecting the right amount of sales tax for each of the places you deliver. Set up your shipping details, the price to the customer, any rate settings or rules, default return policy and return address.
  5. Don’t forget to provide your email address. In case of any issue, Google customer support team will contact you on that mail address.
  6. Adjust or restrict the admin rights granted by the Google Shopping Actions as per your convenience.
  7. Provide your URL for your privacy policy. Google will review it and ensure that your policy meets their requirements for sharing user email addresses.
  8. Review and accept the Shopping Actions Merchant Program Addendum. The Shopping Actions Merchant Program provides the Commission Rate Schedule.
  9. Orders in the Shopping cart platform can be viewed from the Google Merchant Center Orders page or use GoDataFeed’s Order Sync tool to get the orders in the shopping cart platform.

Once all the steps are completed, you can request for Final Validation to enter Google’s Final review.

Google Shopping Action enables the retailer to display their products on different platforms like Google search, Google voice search, the Google express mobile app and the Google assistance for mobile.

At present only a few retailers have enrolled in Google Shopping Action, it’s the right time to get yourself enrolled in Google express if you are really looking for a larger audience and low competition. For selling the products on Google express the retailer needs to setup the storefront and request a final validation.

Google Express brings various merchant benefits!

In addition to the enhanced visibility of your products over multiple platforms, Google express offers various other benefits as well:

  • Local Integration: Google express offers a local integration option to the local store owners. A local physical store needs to fulfill all the products and inventory details via the product and inventory feeds. Shipping of these items is managed by the Google itself. So, if you are a small business owner even you can increase its reach easily.
  • Customer Service: Customer service support is also offered by Google. All the customer service issues are handled by the Google customer support channels.
  • Google training:  Google offers training regarding the process of uploading the inventories and order packing.
  • Cost: Unlike Google shopping where the retailer was supposed to pay for every click, here Google will be charging them for sale only. A monthly commission invoice will be delivered to the retailer for completed sales.
  • Centralized cart: Unlike Google shopping where while shopping from different retailers the customer is being taken to the individual retailer’s website to complete a purchase. The Google express makes it more seamless and offers a Centralized cart to add items. The customer will be automatically redirected to delivery address page on clicking the checkout option available on the cart page.

Google Express makes shopping hassle-free for users!

That’s It!

Google express lets the customers purchase from different retailers with very little efforts. The customers can shop from multiple stores using mobiles and desktop through Google Express.  Google express will enhance the visibility of the retailer’s product, boost the sale and in return sellers needs to pay commission only for the conversions.

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