8 Awesome eCommerce checkout examples

eCommerce checkout examples

A lot of effort goes into building the pages that convert. Content optimization, CTA optimization, navigation streamlining, everything we do is for driving conversions on the store. E-Commerce checkout is one such page whose conversion rate has a direct impact on your revenue generation.

In this post, I have compiled a list of the most inspirational eCommerce checkouts that can inspire you to learn some useful aspects from them. Each of the checkouts in this list consists of something that you take a cue from. It should give you a clear idea of how should you go about making your own checkout page conversion friendly like these websites. So let’s get inspired by these checkouts.

1. Apple’s checkout

Sign in Page
Apple’s checkout is a great example of providing alternate checkout options

Apple provides a very well organized checkout page that lays full attention on the call to action buttons with proper utilization of the white-spaces. The checkout page does a great job of appealing the users to complete the process even as a guest user.

Asking for necessary account registration to complete the checkout process is one of the most common reasons for cart abandonment. To work out this common issue, Apple provides guest check out option where shoppers are not required to necessarily create a user account by filling loads of information in the registration form.

If they already have an account, they can sign-in, and if not have an account, just continue with the guest checkout.

However, there is a flip side of the guest checkout that customer’s information will not be saved for future reference in the database. It means customers won’t be able to track their order. If that is not a problem for the customers, guest checkout is a useful feature to include in your checkout.

Delivery and Pickup Options

Also the post user login or Guest checkout steps are so simple and interactive. There is a chat option that you can use to clear your doubts right from the Apple’s representative. You can choose the delivery dates and options available, continue with the next steps.

2. Bellroy’s checkout

Bellroy Checkout Page

Lengthy checkout is one of the major reason for shopping cart abandonment. According to Baymard institute,

“27% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order in the past quarter solely due to a “too long/complicated checkout process”.

Bellroy handles this big issue a little different as compared to Apple. It provides a one-page checkout to its users compacting the whole checkout steps on a single page only. The one-page checkout structure makes the process smooth and shorter for the customers. Users can fill out the delivery address, billing address, select shipping options and provide payment details right from the same page.

The user experience has been further optimized by including a set of only the necessary details required to be filled-in.

Those eCommerce store owners who want to provide a simple, quick and easy checkout experience to the customers can utilize a one-page checkout structure and save time and efforts of the customers.

3. Myntra’s checkout  Caption:

Myntra Login Page
Myntra goes well with its multi-step yet high converting checkout page

In case you are not a supporter of guest checkout or one-page checkout, you should take a cue from Myntra’s checkout page. It presents a perfect example of how you can make a multi-page checkout conversion friendly without guest checkout.

Here, instead of guest checkout, customers can continue as a registered user by logging-in using their Facebook, or Google account credentials without creating an user account on Myntra.

Moreover, when customers are completing the checkout process of Myntra’s multi-page checkout, they are provided with a clear idea of where they are and where they would be in the next step. It provides a transparent process that includes a progress bar on the top of the page, plus a logo of trust, and payment options logo at the footer keep the users well informed.

Myntra's Product Delivery Page

The guest checkout option provides the option to the users to register an account right after the checkout is completed. This is a nice touch to encourage account registrations without giving a burden to the customers.

4. Amazon’s checkout

Amazon Sign in Page
Amazon’s latest checkout emphasizes on account necessary registration

Amazon keeps testing its checkout process now and then. Currently, it is following a unique combination of traditional approach and it’s own peculiar call-to-actions. By highlighting the free two days shipping option on the product page itself, it reduces the task of shipping selection on the checkout page, plus an indirect promotion of Amazon’s prime service.

The common perception of an eCommerce checkout involves providing a lot of options like, Add to wishlist, continue shopping, guest checkout and so on. However, Amazon works on a different principle here. It emphasizes on creating a user account before you can proceed to the checkout page but provides a very quick and compact registration page.

Amazon's Create account Page
Despite the necessary account registration, Amazon still have a high converting checkout

By doing so, Amazon makes sure that customers entering the checkout funnel are not distracted by the leaks and completes the checkout with a personalized user experience. If your customers do not mind filling a very small registration form, Amazon’s approach is is an inspiration for you.

Amazon's Shipping and Payment Page

Caution: Amazon acts as almost a monopoly in the eCommerce market for various categories. Customers preferring Amazon won’t find a hard time filing small registration form. It might not be a similar situation in your case. I would suggest a comprehensive A/B testing campaign before finalizing the decision.

5. Mensuas’ checkout

Mensuas single page checkout
Mensuas have a single page checkout, with social login option

If account creation is not a preference for you, you might want to look at the checkout page of Mensuas. Mensuas is a leading destination in the US for fashionable underwear for men. Similar to Bellroy, Mensuas too provide a single page checkout to it, customers. However, it goes one step further by introducing social login on the checkout page. One can easily notice the emphasis on login options where you have multiple options to continue with the check out process- Guest checkout, User sign-in, and account registration.

Mensuas Single Page Checkout

In case you are a new user, you can either checkout as a guest user, create a user account, or just use the Facebook or Google login option for direct login using your social platform credentials. By clicking on any of the social login options, the user can instantly login to the user account without filling a registration form. Thus, saving the customers from a burden to create user accounts manually. Social login makes the checkout experience very smooth and handles multiple reasons for cart abandonment at once.

6. Fab’s checkout

Fab's multi-step checkout
Fab provides a multi-step checkout with Facebook login option

Fab utilizes a well optimized multi-step checkout that can be completed without creating a user account manually. If you don’t have a user account already, you can choose from guest checkout or the Facebook login option.

It efficiently utilizes the Facebook login to encourage user registrations which is an important aspect of learning from Fab’s checkout page. It understands the importance of user accounts and how they can be used to create repeat conversions. So, it pushes the users towards Login option without actually forcing them.

The checkout process after login or continuing as a guest presents some well-optimized forms for providing the billing, shipping and payment information. The forms ask only the necessary information and do not demand secondary information from the users.

7. Nike Store’s checkout

Nike Store’s checkout
Nike’s checkout is preceded by an optional Paypal express checkout

The speed of the process is a major concern that haunts every store owner. Nike handles the situation by cleverly integrating a PayPal checkout option which provides a more faster and secure checkout. Moreover, for using a Paypal customers need to login using their PayPal account which automatically brings the customers to logged in users’ club.

For the regular checkout interface, Nike goes with a partial one-page checkout structure. I am saying partial because all the steps are not unlocked at once on the page. You have to complete the previous step before moving to the next step.

Nike’s regular checkout Page
Nike’s regular checkout is inspired by the single page structure

Here users can choose to continue with the checkout without logging in and create the user account at the later part. Furthermore, the shopping cart summary in the right column keeps the users well informed about the miscellaneous costs associated with the cart- Shipping charges, total cost, single item’s cost.

8. Jabong’s checkout

Jabong Secured Checkout

Jabong provides a streamlined check out process that keeps the users informed about the next steps plus allows multiple social login options. The further steps on the checkout page are well optimized to ask only few important details.

Jabong's Secured Checkout Page with more Options

The most inspiring option that I found here was the option to specify if the shipping address is a home or office address. It helps the shopping site to deliver the items on a correct time, minimizing the chances for missing delivery. Furthermore, the alternate phone number field is an optional field which customers can choose to skip or provide. I have found this checkout as one of the fastest among the check outs I inspected.

The final takeaways

Summing up the entire case study, it is evident that whether you take UI or UX as the judging criteria, one page checkout is something that makes the process edgy. I will consolidate the entire features that make these checkouts best-of-their kind.

Single page checkout:

As per Baymard, complicated order processing contributes to around 28% of the cart abandonment. This is when a one page checkout can simplify the process for your customers.

eCommerce checkout

Easy Signups:

Guest login options along with ease of signing up can make the checkout process effective. Along with this, social login options can give the checkout process of your site a notch-up feature. Almost all the eCommerce sites, be it an industry giant or a SME.

Implement upselling and cross-selling:

The check out pages should never provide an exit root and a dead-end to your customers. Instead, it should be used as an opportunity to generate additional revenue through upselling and cross-selling. Offering compelling reasons to the customers to browse the store right back is one of the best ways to achieve customer retention. You can do this by offering customers products related to the one that they ordered, or by giving them discounts on future purchases.

Mobile-friendly checkout:

With the latest Google update that emphasis on mobile-first indexing, it has become mandatory to make the entire mobile-responsive which includes the checkout process as well. Mobile commerce will account for almost 50% of the total online purchases by 2020 as per research. So, it inevitable to ensure that your mobile users get a flawless shopping experience. The checkout process of your site should be mobile-friendly as well. At the same time, it should never exclude any of the capabilities of the desktop site, such as social login option and one-page checkout. The mobile commerce experience should be identical to the desktop one in terms of the ability to browse, purchase and pay for products.


Source: baymard.com

Offer a variety of payment and shipping options:

Meeting your customers’ needs is the key to increasing your checkout’s efficiency. As per the result of Baymard’s studies, lack of shipping and payment options are another reasons for cart abandonment. So, you need to ensure that your prospective customers are able to pay and get the product delivered in whatever way is most convenient for them. Offer them as many payment and shipping methods as possible.

Ensure security:

Cyber security is possibly the biggest concern for the online shopping. The only way to keep the customers assured is by optimizing the UI of your site. The site’s design have a huge impact on the shoppers’ perception of your site’s security. An outdated-looking site will give customers the impression that the site is not reliable and will lead to a lot of them dropping off without purchase.


All these eight check outs are the best ones? It depends. I will leave that on our readers to decide, but I think they all have got something for us to learn from.

All of them do not insist on necessary account creation, except for the Amazon (Which was providing guest checkout a while ago). However, all of them including Amazon do inspire us to handle the first step of checkout wisely. While others handle the situation with guest checkout and social login, Amazon handles it through its compact registration form.

I like the approach of Mensuas, which provides the sign-up, sign-in, guest checkout and social login as well. Moreover, it’s single page checkout is well optimized in terms of form design.

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