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Methods by which you can minimize cart abandonment on your store

Cart abandonment is a big issue that haunts most of the eCommerce website. As a matter of fact the average cart abandonment rate is well above 50% for most of the website. The issue is same but the way you tackle it makes the difference. An effective card abandonment strategy is what that can change the game for you. Here we will take a look at those strategies and will analyze how they work in reducing the percentage of your cart abandonment.

Tips to reduce shopping cart abandonment:-

Now, we will look at the various strategies that can be adopted to tackle the problem of cart abandonment.

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The revenue at stake on abandon cart is huge, which cannot be neglected.

1. Provide multiple payment methods: Restricting the customer to a specific payment mode has been the most significant reason behind cart abandonment. Allowing the customer to avail the benefits from various payment methods like Paypal, Google wallet, Paytm, Mobikwik etc. has a good chance of turning an abandonment cart into a potential sale.

2. Be clear about your policy: Clearly, spell out your return and shipment policy in the content part of your website. This will enrich the customer’s confidence and will drive him to purchase the product as, he/she will clearly know what to do in case of return or delivery problem.

3. Avoid shipping charges: Try to keep out shipping charges as far as possible. The Customer really doesn’t like charges to be paid for delivery of their products. If unavoidable then try to lure the customer by providing some equivalent discounts or cash backs.

4. Provide social login registration: Allow the customer to enter and purchase from your website by channelizing his/her social login credentials. Restricting the customers for a specific registration process act as big turn off. Social login allows the users to purchase from a new website without necessarily creating an account there. The user can use their social accounts to sign up on-the-go in few clicks.

5. Provide some analysis: Provide some fact, analysis, data and reviews with regards to every product. This will allow the customer to get a holistic picture and make an informed decision. The more you inform your customers, the more they will trust your brand.

6. Utilize the power of mailing: Use effective innovations to retain the customer by customizing your abandonment card mails. An effective and attractive abandonment cart mail can be created using some good tools based on your CMS platform. Magento’s abandon cart extension is one such tool for Magento based website.


Cart abandonment is an issue that most of the eCommerce website are facing. The revenue at stake on abandon carts is huge and nobody wants to miss this big piece of cake. However the winner is one who adopts to effective strategies to counter this problem. Keeping in mind the level of competition in eCommerce arena, the adoption of the above-mentioned technique can prove to be handy for your website.

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