How is Multi vendor Marketplace module a good bargain for store admin?


Online business is thronged with various activities of online selling and purchase that it is difficult to maintain momentum with so much competition around. With so many players involved in a particular business segment, it seems to be a daunting task to grab the immediate attention of your targeted customers. The eCommerce business is a very unpredictable one and there are no dedicated rules that can help in achieving the higher conversion rates. In this grim scenario, being an eCommerce store owner can be a bit challenging for you in terms of conversion rates and sales. Moreover, with the increasing expectations of customers and the pressure of making bumper sales, it is definitely the right time to start exploring an alternate sales channels. A multi-vendor marketplace extension is the best fit for you.


If you are looking out for away from this grave situation, it is finally time to make amends by utilizing the Multi seller Marketplace extensions for your online store. We are glad to inform you that our company, Knowband has come up with this extraordinary Multi-vendor Marketplace Extensions for various eCommerce platforms like Prestashop, Magento 2, OpenCart and Magento, that has raised new hopes among small and medium vendors in terms of conversions and sales. Marketplace Add-ons provides admin some of the various salient features.

One of the remarkable features of the Multi seller Marketplace module is that it gives store admin the freedom to accept or reject the seller’s requests for adding products on their marketplace store. Every seller registration request is forwarded to store admin for getting it approved or disapproved accordingly. Let us discuss the various ways which make this Marketplace plugins as the most loved and popular choice among the store admin.

Smooth management of commission


With the help of the marketplace extension, store admin can smoothly manage the commission rates for various vendors based on a global percentage basis or can even set commission rates for individual sellers. Everything can be managed seamlessly from the backend of the store.

Restriction on product limit and categories usability for multiple sellers


The number of products and categories that can be used for product addition by multiple sellers is set by the admin. Now, store admin has all the decisive power to make all the decisions regarding restricting the number of product categories for sellers on their marketplace store.

Easy management of the seller’s account through an interactive interface


Although, as a customer, you may have multiple options for selecting the best marketplace module among various available Marketplace plugins. However, this Multi-vendor marketplace extension by Knowband is the best choice due to the presence of an interactive user interface that makes it easy to handle various tasks. You can make quick changes in the seller’s account through this engaging and user-friendly seller dashboard design.

Eliminates the problem of inventory


Handling and keeping the inventory up to date is a very critical and demanding task. It involves a lot of human labor and time which is required during inventory management. However, with the emergence of this Marketplace addon, there is no need for any inventory management for offering your products to online shoppers. It will save your time and money that is involved in this task of inventory management.

Timely alerts and updates about activity on your multi-vendor marketplace store


The Marketplace extension has a powerful email notification system that is capable to provide timely alerts and notifications to all other concerned persons in the marketplace community. It can provide all the information about events that are happening inside your online marketplace to buyers, sellers, and store admin for taking required action at the earnest level. This will help in taking the right business decision without any hiccups.

Provides the required seller information


Buyers often do not have an idea about how to select the right seller for making an online purchase. The Marketplace built by a multi-seller marketplace module can provide the list of all sellers along with their rating on the product page for simplified online purchases. With the help of this critical information, buyers can make the right choice of sellers in a smooth manner. It enables buyers to search for any seller on the marketplace in a quick manner for making the right purchasing decision.

Provides an informative product page to buyers


The marketplace has grabbed the instant attention of global buyers due to the presence of its informative product pages. Buyers can view important information like seller name, seller rating, and other seller details on the product page itself for facilitating quick purchasing decisions. Besides this, buyers can get critical information about various related products from the same seller on the product page for making the quick product purchase.

Offers quick option for buyers to register as sellers


The marketplace extension offers a simple seller registration facility to buyers “Register as Seller” option is available on the frontend of the store. for helping buyers to become sellers in a simple way. Now, you can both purchase products as well as offer products to other people as sellers on this marketplace module. There is no need for back end registration for sellers and everything can be managed from the front end itself.

Final Words

The multi-vendor marketplace module is definitely a remarkable module for buyers community and can boost their online shopping experience to a great extent. This feature-loaded Marketplace extension can be a great help to the buyers and can help in simplifying the online shopping experience to a great extent. Don’t let your business chances be affected due to the absence of an alternate sales channel. A feature-loaded Marketplace plugin from Knowband can boost your conversions and product sales by offering a sales platform to your products and services. Get involved with us now and explore chances of higher conversions and customer engagement with this PrestaShop extension. You just need to visit our site at knowband and can ensure better business prospects for your eCommerce store.

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