How to get a Marketplace site: a step by step guide


When you have a limited number of customer base and sales, it is important to think big and go for a major store overhaul. Getting just an eCommerce store will not guarantee you maximum conversions and sales as there are other players in the race. You would not have to lag behind now as there is a golden opportunity to transform your online store into a marketplace store. The term Marketplace is  not  new  to the  eCommerce marketplace. It was a time when someone has to go through a lot technical coding and planning for implementation of an eCommerce site. With the introduction of CMS platforms like Magento,  PrestaShopOpenCartMagento 2 the gap between an excellent business mind and an online site is now has been reduced to the minimal. Now, you would not have to suffer the market pressure due to the absence  of an effective eCommerce store that has a much larger customer base and  site traffic. All you need to do is just install the Multi seller Marketplace extension for a major transformation of your eCommerce store. Let us now discuss the various ways by which the Marketplace module can be of great help to your online business.

3 Easy Steps to get your own Marketplace site and start accepting seller registrations:


Step 1: Choose and install a marketplace extension for your eCommerce store.

Choosing a Marketplace extension is even a tougher task. A large number of developers are already offering their competent Multi seller extensions and some are very popular too.


Look for the basic features in the Marketplace module:

a). Which is competent to accept seller registrations.

b). Which is competent to manage even a large number of sellers.

c). Which allows admin to approve and disapprove sellers registrations and even block the already approved sellers at any time.

d). Which allows the approved sellers upload and manage their own products.

e). Which allows the sellers to control manage their own delivery and shipping process.

f). Which has an efficient reporting system that allows the admin and sellers both to track all the respective sales and transactions?

g). Most of all, which allows the extension of the marketplace functionalities by able to choose from a large number of already available Marketplace addons.

However, you can also try the free version for Prestashop, Magento, etc platforms  and  later  upgrade  to the  paid  version  when you  find  it satisfying. It’s a demo version to check the compatibility and testing, has some restrictions but can be useful in testing the compatibility  with your online site. There are a large number of expectations you can make with a marketplace Magento extension, but these are some basics that all marketplace extension should possess.

Step 2: Configure your marketplace extension


After installation, a configuration panel is provided by these extensions where you can personalize and set up the extension for use.You have to enable the extension from the back end and then perform the configurations. You can set the commission rate or fixed commission price  you want to take from the Sellers.

Step 3: Enable the seller registration access on the front end


After configuration, your new Multi seller extension is ready to use. Now you are ready to accept the seller registrations. The front end customer registration panel will now show an option to the users to also register as a seller. Any registration request will now be notified to the admin. You can set your email id to receive the notification when one arrives.

Final words

Now you need to review and accept the seller registration requests. Any seller who is approved will be allowed to show his products on your site and upload any number of products. All the products uploaded will be first reviewed by you and after you approve them they will be visible on your site.These are the 3 simple steps you can take to get a marketplace site for you. Take the advantages of a large number of modules and extension that are already available. Always choose a CMS platform whose modules and extensions are easily available.

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