2022 Holiday Calendar: How can a Seller Attract Customers on a Marketplace during Holiday?


The holiday season is embarked by the people planning on how to spend them and at the same time purchasing the new items as per their needs. The holiday season brings the smile back on the faces of the customers and as well as the sellers. The customers are now finally free to give a look to the items which they require while the web store now has immense opportunities to sell the products to the customers. Therefore, it is one off the most awaited time of the year.As the holiday season arrives, most of the sellers on the marketplace need to come up with better ideas in order to make better sales.

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If we give a proper look to a multi vendor marketplace then we can easily realize that there is a definite competition between the sellers among the market place. All the sellers wish to make better sales and earn higher profits which is the sole criteria of establishing themselves on the market place. Better approach and proper connection with the customers is the key to reaching out to maximum customers and making huge sales. The sellers can mold the customer’s information to their benefit and try to make sales to the customers. The web store turned marketplace with the help of Multi vendor Marketplace module have many sellers already selling, so each seller has to prove the worth of their products in order to be chosen and get high sales. Let us discuss some of the techniques which can be used by the sellers to attract the customers to make a purchase on a multi seller marketplace during holiday.

1.  Attractive Themes


What could be a better idea than to use a Christmas oriented theme for your product store on the market place. The utilization of proper themes is one of the important factor that helps the customers to connect to the web store mentally. More visitors will like to explore your products when they see the exciting and attractive themes matching the situation and the season. Therefore, the seller must make proper use off the themes and layout in order to bring out the best in the product presentation.

2.  Super sales


Most of the customers do wait for complete year in order to make a purchase. In this case, if the customer sees a series of flash sales going on any product then he will be eager to make a purchase. It helps in boosting the morale of the customer and also imparts the customer with a feeling of getting better deal. The customer feels as if he is making a product after buying it on a certain rate % off. Thus, one of the important technique that can be used by the sellers to make better profits.

3.  Jumbo offers


The jumbo offers may be mixed with the super sales but they are quite different. While the super sale includes a considerable off on various products, the jumbo offers include offers provided by the seller on selected brand and the rate may go as low as 30% of the original price and at the same time the seller can also provide some kind of chance to the customer to enter a lucky draw, where they get a chance to win the mega prize for the season. Most of the customers would like to try their luck and make a purchase.

4.  Better purchasing options


As the holiday season arrives, customer is willing to spend a considerable amount of money on the products. Now, it depends upon the sellers as to how to make more sales to the customers. Most of the time a customer would refer to make purchase and needs to pay the amount using different medium. Therefore, the seller must incorporate maximum number of paying options for the web store owners. Well, what could be worse than a customer who cancelled the transaction just because of the purchasing options? More paying options may include various cards acceptance and COD while a better approach would be to provide the customers with some of the prize off on payment through selected modes.

5.  Product availability


The customer would like to make a purchase only after they finds the product’s suitability and its worth of spending such an amount. Therefore, better chances of making a sale on products would be the bulk availability. The sellers must have a large collection of the products so that they don’t run out of the products. The customers may be provided with a variety of the options when they enquire about the products. The seller needs to be ready to face the worst case scenario where the demand of the products may exceed the original expectations.

6.  Free shipping assistance



A customer would like to get a free shipping assistance after making a purchase. As the holiday season has arrived, therefore any good gesture shown by the sellers may directly results in the conversion. The customer may feel good about the quality assistance shipping provided to them and may consider making another purchase from the seller. Thus, the seller must try to provide the customer with all the required help. Anyway, providing free shipping assistance during holidays may be implied a small token of love from the seller as a gift. It also helps in improving the number of satisfied customers.


The Holiday season brings lot of opportunities for the sellers. Thus, the seller must gear up the website to make huge sales during the holiday season. Making sure of proper approach and the little information about the customer behavior and understanding can help the seller in making huge profits and also improving the customer base of the store for future references. Do not wait for the holidays to begin. Instead, start marketing your business to your customers right from the beginning of the year. We at Knowband assist you in every phase of eCommerce marketing and sales.

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