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Offer quick customer logins with this Ajax Popup Login Extension for Magento sites

Customers have become impatient due to their busy lifestyles and are not ready to spend even few minutes on a site for login and registration issues. Infact, these are some of the core issues that have contributed in higher bounce rates and shopping cart abandonments on an eCommerce site. Nobody would like to spend their precious time in login and registration issues and would like to look out for a better alternative site that can offer these difficult tasks in a smooth manner. With the endless hard work and flawless expertise of its web developers, Knowband has come up with this Magento Ajax Popup Loginizer extension that is built to transform the entire login and registration process without any trouble. Here are the various reasons that make this Magento extension a priceless extension among various site owners.

Eliminates the time consuming page reloading

This Ajax Popup login extension for Magento sites has achieved much respect in eCommerce business environment due to its quick login and registration process. This has actually become possible due to the presence of Ajax web technology which is involved behind the development of this Magento extension. It has eliminated the default page reloading problem of Magento sites during login and registration process.

Offers customization facility for site admin

It is now much easy to make any changes in the login and registration facility on your site with the help of this Magento Quick login extension that has an interactive backend interface. Site admin can make various configurations and customizations like hiding/showing signup and forget password options, making changes in link text and much more.

Can be installed and configured in a coherent manner

We all know the life of certain non technical people become miserable when it comes to installation and configuration of a software application. Keeping this concern in mind, Knowband has introduced this Magento Ajax Popup for login and registration that can be installed and configured within few clicks only. There is no requisite for any special skills and development knowledge regarding the installation and configuration of this Magento extension.

Works independently with other available extensions

This Ajax Popup login extension for Magento sites is designed in such a way that it can work without interfering with other available Magento extensions on your site. You don’t have to take troubles regarding the working of this Knowband Extensions as it does not require any special API or upgrades.

Comes equipped with free technical support

It is possible that certain issues can arise with this free Magento extension regarding its configuration and customization that can affect your overall performance in the long run. If you encounter any such problem, you can get free technical assistance from our Knowband team by visiting this link.

It is now a thing of past to have time consuming and difficult login and registration process with the emergence of this Ajax Popup login extension for Magento sites. You would not have to suffer trust deficit and bounce backs of your customers due to this Ajax based Magento extension. Visit our Knowband store and redefine the login and registration related processes of your site with the help of this Magento Ajax Popup Loginizer module.

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