How PrestaShop One Page Checkout can Boost Holiday Season Sale


Prestashop One Page Checkout Module is the solution to all your conversion issues. If you are facing a lot of cart abandonment on your PrestaShop store it can be because of the lengthy and boring checkout page. Prestashop One Page Checkout v7.0.1, the new version is offering some time-saving features which will reduce checkout time and enhance the customer experience.

The upcoming holiday season can help you overcome the losses you have faced during the COVID-19 outbreak. You can raise your sales with various modules available on the PrestaShop store. The most important of all is the PrestaShop Quick Checkout Page module. It is necessary to replace the conventional multi-page checkout with PrestaShop One Page Checkout. An optimized checkout page for your PrestaShop store will reduce the bounce rate and helps to boost conversions.


What is new in Knowband’s PrestaShop One Page Checkout

We keep updating our best seller PrestaShop One Page Checkout module. It helps sellers boosting conversion and reducing abandoned carts during the holiday season sale.

If you want to know how this checkout module works, give this blog a read. PrestaShop One Page checkout is incorporated with new features:

(New) Customers can Choose Profile type:

This is a new feature added in the PrestaShop One Page Checkout module. Now it allows customers to select a profile type as an individual, or business. This helps the owner in running personalized marketing campaigns. It also lets the owner decide what fields are mandatory for each profile type. In addition, the owner can display the mandatory or some of the fields on the invoice too.

(New) Redirect the Customer to Checkout Page Instead of Cart

With the previous version of PrestaShop One Page Checkout, when a customer hits the call-to-action button on the product page it redirects them to the cart. But with a new feature added, PrestaShop store admin can allow the consumer to jump to the checkout page directly. It will save them from taking extra effort.

(New) Use Payment Address Name for Registration

Prestashop store admin can allow customers to Use Payment Address Name for Registration. Earlier the delivery address was the only option that was used as default registration details. But from now on, if the admin wants he can enable the setting on PrestaShop One Page checkout to use the payment address name for registration.

Checkout features you must not forget about when deciding on your marketing campaigns during holidays

The user interface of One Page Checkout can cast spells on your customers and will do magic to stop them from leaving the website. The PrestaShop Quick One Page Checkout gives you appealing layout options, various login choices like guest checkout, social login with Facebook and Google+, multiple Payment and delivery choices, and what not!

Prestashop One Page Checkout

Offer Free Shipping and increase average cart value:

Asking them to shop more with a popup not always works. Besides, you can offer free shipping over a definite amount and they will grab the chance without giving a second thought. Free shipping is the most compelling thing out there.


The store owner can add a free shipping bar on the top of the One Page Checkout Page.

Improve engagement with its simple and sleek UI:prestashop one page checkout

The simple and riveting user interface of the checkout page increases conversions. It helps to convert your visitors into customers with features like guest checkout and social login. All the required fields appear on a single page. No more waiting or jumping pages! Prestashop One Page Checkout is mobile responsive.


The responsive One Page Checkout has functionality for your PrestaShop store which lets the store owner set the payment mode for available delivery choices. If you don’t want to accept bank checks for fashion store delivery mode then you can disable the service.

Highly Recommended Modules with One Page Checkout

There are many PrestaShop modules available in the market which can fit well into your store. I am going to recommend you two super engrossing modules which are compatible with One Page Supercheckout on your PrestaShop store.

Store Locator and Pick up

Store locator module prestashop

The hyperlocal marketplace is the new trend in eCommerce. Prestashop Store Locator and Pickup Module incorporate website delivery features in-store and displays positions in physical stores using Google Maps.

Cash On Delivery with Fee

cash-on-delivery-with-fee- prestashop one page checkout

Offer Cash on Delivery with Fee to your customers on PrestaShop Store. Integrating Cash on Delivery with Fee module along with PrestaShop One Page Checkout can gain the trust and loyalty of a customer. Remove the barrier of secured payment which is a major concern for many. Click here to know more about Cash On Delivery with Fee module for the PrestaShop store.

We have produces a listicle on compatible modules with PrestaShop One Page Checkout, click here to explore.

To wrap up

I have always said that the checkout page is most important when it comes to conversion rates. Replace the existing checkout page with PrestaShop One Page Checkout and you can observe the change by yourself. Prestashop One Page Checkout with these new features can help you grow your business and earn loyal customers. What are you waiting for?

You can visit the Knowband store and check on the modules available for boosting holiday season sales.

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