Clients find Knowband’s PrestaShop Gift Card Module Impactful on Holiday Sales

Clients find Knowband's PrestaShop Gift Card Module Impactful on Christmas Sales

Do you also get confused while choosing the gifts for your friends and family? When I purchase a gift, what bothers me the most is if they will like it or not. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be able to relate to this. It does affect the buying decision. But, I am grateful for the unique gifting choice of ‘Gift Cards.’

Digital Gift Cards

These days many eCommerce websites and retailers sell gift cards in their stores. You can easily send the card to your friends and they can buy whatever they like using the Gift Card amount. If you are a PrestaShop store owner and want to sell Gift Certificates in your store then I will explain how easy it is to add a Gift Card to your store. This blog will be your complete end-to-end guide with real-life examples and client feedbacks.

How Do Gift Card Works & PrestaShop stores make money on them?

Gift cards are like prepaid debit cards that have money loaded on them for future usage. These are commonly utilized both online and in person. Many eCommerce stores offer Gift Cards on their store with fixed or custom amount options.

There will be a minimum and maximum initial loading amount on many gift cards. The receiver will have the freedom of spending the loaned amount in buying products from that store. Some eCommerce also allow partial usage of the card while most of the cards are for a one-time purchase.

As a sender (existing customer) purchase a gift card, it generates advance revenue for the store. Once the card is sent, there are high chances that the receiver will be a newbie for your store. Hence, increases advance sales and customer acquisition rate.

Any customer with the gift card must check its eligibility and validity when they buy or receive a gift card.

Boosting sales is easier with Prestashop gift card addon

Not only digital gift cards are beneficial for customers because it saves their time in searching for the right gift but for merchants as well as it increase your online business’s sales, especially during the Christmas or New Year season, or the holiday season. You might not be aware but more than half of customers enjoy sending gift cards to their friends and family.

With the PrestaShop Gift Card Addon,

you can increase your earnings while also bringing new clients to your online store. The module’s ability to sell gift vouchers also aids brands in promoting their labels without having to spend additional money on marketing.

It’s a Smart Move if you Sell Gift Cards on PrestaShop Store

  1. Advance Revenue
  2. Acquire new Customers
  3. Promote Brand Identity
  4. Personalized Shopping Experience

This gift card captures new orders, particularly during the holiday season when they are sold in greater numbers. Selling gift cards on the PrestaShop store also enhances the entire holiday season’s earnings.

Clients love this fancy module- Feedback


Why KnowBand’s Gift Card is their first choice for Holiday Sales

The gift card area can be installed and easily added to your PrestaShop eCommerce store. These gift certificates/cards can be sold with festive themes like Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. Clients have experienced that the PrestaShop Gift Card Manager leads to a rise in sales in a short period of time.

Better UI

The module’s installation is extremely straightforward and requires no high-level coding skills. With that, it comes with a great UI design for the admin panel as well as the front-end view.

Better accessibility of Gift Card feature on PrestaShop Website

The Prestashop Gift Voucher Module by Knowband allows you to add a gift voucher button to several parts of your website, including the header, footer, and left section of the page.

Fancy Themes for every occasion

Not every person likes to have a similar design gift card for every occasion. This module gives enough freedom to merchants to customize their gift cards for different occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and so on. Similarly, store owners can create new templates with immediate subjects from the back office.

Upload an image and create custom gift cards

Visitors may create and send a personalized gift card using the PrestaShop Gift card manager, which includes a picture upload feature. A sender can now send a gift card with a personalized image. One way of sending gift card is via email with a custom note and one is, you can print the gift card by yourself.

Custom emails and ready-made templates

The Prestashop Gift Card Addon by Knowband includes a note email template for informing the giver and recipient on the status of their gift cards. From the module’s back office, the admin can quickly change the text of this email. On the receiving end of the gift card, customers can include a note for their loved ones.

How do customers send Gift Card to friends and Family

The module allows two methods:

  1. Send the gift card over email with a custom note
  2. Print it yourself and send it to your loved ones

Track Gift Card Order History

The use of the gift voucher code in the checkout is displayed on the coupon history tab. The following information will be displayed: Order ID, Customer Name, Amount, and Date Added.

Cron Functionality

Customers will appreciate the ability to send gift cards on the day of the event. Cron allows the PrestaShop store administrator to schedule the email’s delivery.

Knowband’s PrestaShop Gift Card Module enhances your customers’ buying experience in your business by making events more memorable for their friends and family. It aids in the retention of current clients as well as the acquisition of new clients for your company.

FAQ – PrestaShop Gift Card Manager Module


To Wrap up

So, what are your thoughts on the subject? If you own a Prestashop store and want to grow your business faster and want to attract more and more clients this Christmas and New year, this is something you should look into. For your business, digital cards are critical. The PrestaShop Send Gift Card extension is a highly functional, configurable, and handy module that will help your eCommerce store increase sales and conversions. Knowband is offering Prestashop Gift Card Module at $42.40. Further, the Knowband is offering Year End Sale- Min 20% Off Sitewide + Extra 20% Off. Use Code: KBOFF20.


Click here to explore the module and learn why digital gift cards are a must-have on every eCommerce store?

If you are unaware of the benefits of selling gift cards then click here.

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