Spin & Win Integration in Mobile App Builder: How can you make the most out of it?


While shopping on eCommerce online stores, we sometimes come across interactive CTAs/gamified interfaces which excites us to interact & avail discounts. One such common interactive way is to offer Spin to win the wheel on the store. But, have you ever thought of expanding the same to mobile apps. Yes, that’s right. Spin wheel discount on the eCommerce mobile apps. When netizens spin such a wheel, they get anyone out of all the discounts mentioned on the wheel. For online shoppers, this is like a lottery for discounts that can excite them to shop more.

Mobile devices are the most commonly used gadgets across the globe and mobile applications have already proven to be the best platform for customers to shop online. A huge number of online shoppers use mobile applications, instead of websites, to shop online. Hence, introducing a gamified ‘Spin-n-Win’ thingy on the eCommerce Mobile app can benefit both customers and the store owners. ‘Spin-n-win’ helps with increased user engagement & user satisfaction.

Purchase both modules from:

PrestaShop Spin & Win  | PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

OpenCart Spin & Win | OpenCart Mobile App Builder

Magento 2 Spin & Win | Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

WooCommerce Spin & Win | WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

Brief Introduction of Spin & Win extension:

1. The store admin can make any sort of customization to the ‘Spin-n-Win’ popup. Its look and feel & also its placement can hence be customized. They even get to decide where, when, and who to display the pop-up. The timer can also be set for the pop-up, its display frequency can be adjusted, etc.

2. The store owners can personalize the offers that would be displayed in each section of the wheel.

3. To catch the holiday spirit, many themes are also provided to choose from such as for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

Brief Introduction of Mobile App Builder extension:

Mobile App Builder extension
The eCommerce mobile app builder by KnowBand is a no-code tool that automatically builds a customizable eCommerce Mobile app (Android &/or iOS apps). This extension is a no-code solution yet store admins can make many customizations on their mobile app using the simplified admin panel provided on the backend of this app builder extension. Some features of the eCommerce Mobile app builder include:

  • Home Screen Layout customization
  • Fully white-label App
  • Multi-lingual & Multi-Currency Support
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Live Synchronization with website inventory
  • Quick social login and product sharing
  • WhatsApp chat and many others.

Recent New Updates


1. Add To Cart button on Home Screen & Category Screen: The users shopping via the eCommerce mobile app won’t need to navigate to the product screen just for adding it into the shopping bag. Instead, a quick tap on the “Add To Cart” button would do the job for you. This quick button is available for all product blocks on Home Screen & Category Screen.

2. Reviews & Ratings for Products: The users can rate any product or submit their valuable feedback about the product from the eCommerce mobile app. Also, the already submitted reviews from the website will be displayed on the app by means of real-time synchronization.

3. Related Products for cross-selling & up-selling: Improve cross-sell and up-sell for your store by showcasing the related products on the app. Offer suggested products to users and motivate them to buy more along with the usual purchase.

Plan For Upcoming 2020 Holiday Season:

The holiday season for 2020 is around the corner. Most eCommerce websites have already begun their preparations & promotional strategies to increase revenue. If you haven’t started yet, both the Spin win extension & Mobile App Builder extension combo pack can do the job without any sort of burden or hassle. This is much awaited time for store owners as they are looking forward to increased sales in the upcoming months of October, November & December. Trust me, the netizens are going to get crazy with online shopping for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and other events.

Purchase both modules from:

PrestaShop Spin & Win  | PrestaShop Mobile App Builder

OpenCart Spin & Win | OpenCart Mobile App Builder

Magento 2 Spin & Win | Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

WooCommerce Spin & Win | WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

Here are some snapshots to prove why these modules are a must-have:

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday

Black Friday

Christmas Day

Christma Day

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

So, waste no more time & get your eCommerce Mobile App ready with a spinning wheel. Drop us an email at support@knowband.com in case of any discussion.

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