Keys to successfully buy online and pickup in-store


The day to day advancement of eCommerce is not hidden anymore. Shoppers are comfortable buying online by sitting in their comfort zone and saving time and energy both. However, many shoppers believe in-store pickup of the product from their nearby store.

The demand of in store pickups as well as in store returns of online purchases is increasing rapidly. Being an eCommerce store owner, you should fulfil this demand to increase your significance in between customers. The fulfilment of customer expectations will drive you to the immense success by increasing your sales and revenues. However, it’s matter of to concern to tell that half of the online retailers are not interested in offering these capabilities to their beloved customers. Online retailers should try implementing the BOPIS factor on their website i.e Buy Online, Pickup, In-store.

Implementing this strategy will work but in addition to this, there are various tactics you need to apply to make this work successfully. So, before you imply BOPIS, you have to follow some major key factors to successfully enhance your online store.

1. It begins with on-site promotion:


As we all know, the best buy product is a eye-catcher in between customers. The consideration phase is the time where a product catches an eye of the customer presenting and compelling to try some other alternative for the same. By integrating BOPIS offer early in the browse experience i.e before consideration phase, it would attract customers and will transform it into best buy wisely which could lead sellers to gain good conversion rates.

2. Post sale emailing:


Whenever a customer chooses BOPIS mode at the time of purchase, a post sale email should be sent to customers with all the standard order details. But they should also include the information anticipating the needs of the customers such as (i) what they need to bring to retrieve their order, (ii) links to the address on maps, (iii) special parking info, and (iv) where to go inside the store. You can also include a photo or others visuals of what customers should seek to reach your store conveniently.

3. Availability of parking:


Almost everyone own cars nowadays. It’s pretty obvious that customers must head towards your store in their cars. It’s the responsibility of the store retailers to provide a convenient parking place to the customers. Convenient parking appeals time driven customers. Instead of spending money on billboard advertising, try to dig out a suitable parking area in a dense urban city.

4. Maintaining discipline in the store:


Who like chaos? Obviously no one. The physical store owner knows the importance of discipline in the store. Consumers had to stand in queue for hours to wait for their turn. The long queues are the result of distorted management of the store. BOPIS encourages for creating dedicated experiences for in-store pickup. The retailers can quickly retrieve the orders without diverting (and frustrating) sales associates. This helps in shortening of the queues and decreased the chaos in the store too.

5. Experimenting and Improving is the key to success:


The most obvious reason because of which the store do not imply in store pickup is the cost. It’s expensive to overhaul back-end logistics, retrofit stores, and train employees. A less obvious problem is the speed at which BOPIS is evolving. Many retailers struggle to find the best fit for them and their customers.
However, as this generation relies on innovation and advancement, you should keep experimenting and improve your store. Innovative companies are never afraid of experiments- emphasising their strengths to encourage in-store pickup shopping.
While in-store pickups do not burden sales associates, it basically increases the value of in-store visits. Customers can easily walk out just by taking their order without talking to the retailers or they can easily leave the product if they are not satisfied with it.

6. Innovative companies are advancing — emphasising the strengths of in-store shopping:


The companies who are constantly experimenting with their business strategies and are bringing out innovation in them are constantly stepping towards success. Sellers should try to provide some offers to lure more and more consumers towards your website. For example, sellers should give some cool offers and discounts to the consumers who opted for in store pickup. And if this strategy prove worthwhile, you can increase the use of this strategy for immense success.

Online returns is a boon in increasing sale nowadays. Returning in-store allowed sellers to change the product according to their size, fit or missteps of a well-intentioned gift giver.

Over to you:

In short, there are many ways to leverage in-store visits. As consumer expectations rise and the challenges from Amazon mount, look for more experimenting from retailers.

KnowBand offers store locator and pickup for different CMS platforms like PrestaShop, MagentoMagento 2 and OpenCart. The eCommerce store admin can allow the customers to find the store availability. The customers can find the nearest store and also pick up the product. The store pickup extension allows the admin to provide a pickup option to the customers. The e-merchant can show the store details on the Google map. The customers can also have the driving directions.

The Google Maps Store Locator plugin is highly customisable the admin can show the distance, contact number and store timing also. The in-store pickup module offers a user-friendly interface. The admin can easily configure this plugin on their eCommerce website without any hassle. Store pickup plugin offers multi-lingual compatibility too which enabled consumers who are comfortable with their regional languages only.

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