All you need to know about PrestaShop Advanced One Page Checkout

All you need to know about PrestaShop Advanced One Page Checkout

If your checkout page is not optimized, you are probably going to face a lot of abandoned carts, and this can severely affect your conversions.

What’s needed? An uncluttered, simplified and a user-friendly checkout! If you are a PrestaShop store merchant looking for the same, PrestaShop Advanced One Page Checkout will most likely put an end to your search.

PrestaShop Smart One Page Checkout replaces the default checkout of your website with a responsive checkout popup. Unlike the usual One Page Checkout where all the checkout fields are visible on a single page, the advanced checkout creates a checkout popup where the fields remain on the same page (under the same URL) but are split into a number of steps.

PrestaShop Advanced Checkout


1. Responsive Ajax-based Checkout popup

2. Guest Checkout and Social Login

3. Arrange Checkout fields through Drag and Drop functionality

4. Hide unnecessary fields from the checkout page

5. Mark Important fields as Mandatory

6. Auto-fill address functionality

7. Support for multiple payment methods and shipping services

8. Custom checkout fields

9. Cart customization available

10. GDPR compatible


1. PrestaShop Advanced One Page Checkout is a responsive Ajax-based checkout popup that loads all the checkout steps on a single page. You would be presented with the next fields step by step but all will be under a single URL. So do not confuse this with a multi-page checkout.

2. PrestaShop Smart Checkout module offers Guest Checkout and Social login functionality to encourage quick checkout. Visitors can register as a guest if they do not want to create an account on your website.

Social login allows customers to log in/sign-up through their Google or Facebook account. If you want to provide more social login options, consider our PrestaShop Social Loginizer module.

3. The module provides you with the option to arrange checkout fields in an order of your choice through Drag and Drop functionality. Choose a field, drag and drop it to the desired position.

4. With PrestaShop Fast Checkout addon, you can decide which fields you want to keep mandatory and which as optional. You can also select fields that you do not want to display on the checkout page. The settings can be modified separately for both Guest and Registered users.

5. PrestaShop Simplified Checkout addon provides the auto-detect country and auto-fill address functionality, which helps users to fill their address information in a quick span. Besides, it offers Inline Validation that verifies whether the entered inputs are correct or not.

6. PrestaShop Advanced One Page Checkout addon provides support for multiple shipping services and payment methods. Using the “Ship2Pay” feature, you can choose which payment methods should be applicable on a particular shipping type.

7. With the help of the PrestaShop Single Page Checkout, you can add more fields on your checkout page.

8. The responsive checkout popup module also lets you customize the cart settings. You can select which options you want to display on the cart page.

9. This quick checkout module offers email synchronization into MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Klaviyo account. Well, you can ask users to subscribe to your newsletters on the checkout page and if they tick-mark that field, their information will be sent to the respective accounts.

10. PrestaShop Advanced One Page Checkout is GDPR compatible. Some other features that it provides are the test mode functionality; to check the module functionality, enabling this checkout for selected IP addresses, and option to customize the “Place order” button. It also offers multi-lingual support and has multi-store compatibility.

Benefits of PrestaShop Advanced One Page Checkout

1. User-friendly Checkout

2. Encourage Quick Checkout

3. Increase email subscription and grow your email list

4. Reduce cart abandonment rate

5. Boost Conversions

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