Be a Market Leader in E- Commerce Business with this Prestashop One Page Checkout Addon

E- commerce has emerged as one of the most promising as well as challenging field of online business world. It is a battle of high stakes for numerous organizations who are trying to influence global customers through their products and services. But, there is one factor that is acting as a stumbling block in the smooth journey of various e- commerce organizations around the world and it is none other than the checkout process on these sites. The complicated checkout process has been a major bone of contention among various business organizations and is affecting their daily sales to a great extent. But, now e-commerce organizations can effortlessly change their business fortunes with the arrival of the Prestashop One Page checkout Addon. Here are some of its salient features that has made this checkout addon a huge rage among various people.

A single page secure checkout process

E- commerce customers can now easily shop and make online payment through your e- commerce store due to this wonderful checkout module. It has reduced the complexity of the whole checkout process by making a multi page checkout process into a simplified one page checkpout process. Unnecessary bottlenecks and hurdles have been eliminated and the online payment has been made more secure and safe.

Provides complete summary and customization of shopping cart-

With the help of this Prestashop One Page checkout addon, it is easier to access all shopping cart related information and summary. The module allows customer to check product image, make changes in the quantity of the purchase product, remove any ordered product and make any other such relevant customization in the shopping cart without any hiccups. User can easily get the complete product summary about the ordered product by just moving the mouse cursor over the product name.

Helps in boosting the sales with its effective features-

In order to boost customer traffic and product sales, this Prestashop Addons provides facility like adding coupon code on the final checkout page, SEO friendly URL, SSL compatibility for added online security, option for newsletter and voucher field and other such features. Further, the module is compatible with various virtual and customization of products so as to boost e- commerce sales.

Contains other important features to assist customers as well as the store owners-

This checkout module is equally important for both the store owners as well as site visitors. It is compatible with various browsers and can be easily installed to be used on any given platform. Further, it allows admin to manage address fields, enable/disable fields, language translation for module text, custom CSS and HTML features, easy onsite testing facility and other such features through the help of various options and drag/drop facility on the admin panel.

So, this addon is truly the one of its kind checkout addon that is giving a valid run for its price due to its multiple features. With this checkout addon, the store owners can expect a increased conversion rates due to the simplified checkout process and can easily be a market leader among other e- commerce business organizations.

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