5 Incredible Hacks to Enhance your eCommerce Businesses

If you are running an eCommerce store, then, prioritizing customer’s satisfaction becomes inevitable. Most of the time, customers prefer to make a purchase after they are fully satisfied with the services provided by the web store. If you think that providing quality product can lure the customer to your store, then, you may not be right completely as there are many other factors contributing to customer acquisition. Nowadays, almost every other store is using the same brand merchandise. Customers have plenty of options to buy those products.

So, what factor differentiates between the stores for a customer? Why should he/she choose your online store over the others. Well, getting required traffic to your website and at the same time having a healthy amount of satisfied customers is different. The eCommerce store owners need to think differently and creatively, in order to be upfront. The sellers must divert their attention from ‘only providing quality products’ to enhancing the customers experience with the web store. A better UX ensures a better customer relationship.

Seller need to make sure that the customers have a smooth and pleasant experience while shopping. It helps in making sure that the customer will engage them with your web store in future too.

Discussed below are certain strategies which can be used to build a stronger customer base.

1.  Better navigation

Better Navigation

The web store owners needs to provide the customers with smooth browsing and better access to the site features. The website should be enhanced for better user engagement and shopping experience. The category and product navigation should be easy and effortless. Keep the category pages uncluttered. Moreover, the filters and deep linking can help you get some customers. In addition to this, features like one page check out, Infinite scroll and others prove to be useful features in binding the customer’s interest towards the web store. These may seem to be small details, but if acted properly, it can lead on to a significant raise in your sales and ultimately boost your conversions.

2.  Interactive Pop ups


The main task for the web store owners is to keep their customers occupied. Thus, the sellers must provide the customers with an interactive platform where they can easily make purchase. The web store can use creative ideas like Spin and Win pop up and other gamified popups that are less annoying and ensures longer engagement at the same time. These pop ups keeps the customers on the website and curbs their exit-intend. The seller can also make huge sales by luring the customers through various offers, provided using these pop ups.

3.  Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The concept of social media marketing is heating up. Most of the web store have either started to market using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or planning to do so. The user based on these sites is way too much and it is never a bad idea to promote your products among such crowd. If proper strategy is followed than social media marketing can boost the product sales and increase the amount on conversions significantly.

4.  Mobile Apps

mobile Apps

The significant rise in the numbers of mobile phones have changed the marketing strategies. With an easy access to mobile phones, it has become a better source to increase the number of customers visiting your store. In addition to this, the customers find mobile app more comfortable and trustworthy rather to desktop site. Thus, launching a mobile app for your web store might show an increase in your revenue generated through sales. Knowband offers an robust medium to all the eCommerce owners for having their own mobile app. Our Mobile App Builder can help you get your application in a matter of moment.

5.  Product reviews

Product review

According to a study, “Almost 54% of people would prefer to purchase a product after reading positive reviews about the products”. Thus, try to maintain a section which consists of all the product reviews. It enables the customers to share their experience about the products and helps other to make up their mind in order to purchase the particular product. It serves a huge purpose in increasing the sales.


Marketing with time has become more research based than service based. The sellers need to be stay updated about the trends which can boost their eCommerce store. If they want to grow more than they must give preference to their customer’s choices. Take the above mentioned consideration into account and optimize your store for better results.

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