Can Product Videos Help in Boosting Conversions? 5 Reasons you can be sure

Prestashop Product Video Module, Boosting Conversion

One of the better approach to reach out to maximum potential buyers is by making sure that the product description reaches in best possible way to the customers. There are many ways to provide a better insight of the product to the customers like Image, ads, Posts and videos. Though all the option may seem to be feasible and appropriate, but with the increase in the competition, it important to provide the customers with the look and feel of the products for better understanding. Thus, the seller needs to make sure that the products is made visible in the most suited way.

Product video are a quite helpful approach in doing so. The customer may get a better insight of the product by just giving a couple of minutes of their time. It helps them get an actual glimpse of the product before making a purchase. It is a much better approach rather than having to browse through multiple images or post just in order to make sure the product is in compatibility with what the customer wants.

Every store owner would like to get an additive description of the product on their store. Knowband offers an effortless way to upload the product images on the Prestashop store. Prestashop Product video module is one such addon that can help you upload the videos without making any code changes on the website. The seller can add a video of the product, giving a brief insight of the product. It helps the customer in every possible way to make up their mind regarding the purchase. The review videos from the YouTube, Vimeo can help customers to rely on the product authenticity.

Let us discuss some of the reasons which can ensure the seller about the efficiency of Videos in making conversions.

1.  Better product clarity

Better Product Clarity, Prestashop Video, Knowband

The idea of making use of the product videos rather than just sticking to the images and snapshots ensure better user experience. It is the best way to showcase the product. The chances of conversion increases when the customers get a perfect view of the product. Thus, the videos are an effortless way to build the trust and aid the purchase decision of the customers.

2.  Reliable

Reliable, Prestashop Video

The reliability of the product video can be made by a survey result. It is a proven fact that 23% of the customers prefer making an instant purchase of the product after they have been provided with the product video. Thus, the videos are definitely a better approach which provides higher chances of conversion. Most of the time it wouldn’t take much for the seller to provide a product video in order to make a sale. Thus, video serves the seller with immediate and better results in the mean time they take down customer with ease.

3. User Engagement

User Engagement

Every customer needs a reason to keep browsing the website. If they can’t find the site worth-it, then, they are more likely to move on. The product video gives them an opportunity to relate to the product. For instance, consider the video showcasing a man wearing the shirt that the customer finds interesting. The customer will find it easier to make the purchase decision in this case. In the meantime, it also ensures the seller that a customer has better experience with the web store and they are more likely to give a look to other products that are provided by the store. It increases the chance of making sales on various products in the web store.

4.  A better marketing tool

Marketing tool, Boost Conversion, Prestashop Videos

The videos have been proved to be a better marketing too. Product video is the winner when it comes to enhancing the popularity of the product. It is the right composition of the product description in the most feasible and creative way. Images may fall short for the customers who likes to gather more and more information about product before placing the order. A video is exactly what the new generation online shoppers desires for. It reaches out to most of the people in best of the condition and offers the complete analysis of the product.

5.  Responsive

Responsive Video, Prestashop Video

No product would be successful unless it receives a positive response form the customers. Thus, in order to get response on the product, sellers must fed the visitors with required information. The video are best suited means for doing this. They consists of equal composition of description and interaction, necessary for the seller to make it up to the customers. Most of the time, sellers might get too descriptive with the video but still it helps in one or the other way.

Over to You

One of the best way to get better conversions on a product is by using product video. The statistical report approves of it and in the meantime these reports do serve the purpose of fetching important aspects of the products. Thus, making it easier for the customer to make purchase on the product and at the same time seller can get better conversions.

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