Eliminate Distractions by using One Page Checkout

Whether it’s about site loading speed, website design, product display features, cart abandonment or a smooth visitor flow, all these elements constitute to design a website that appeals users and encourages conversions. Out of all these, one most important functionality that you just can’t even think about ignoring is your website’s CHECKOUT PAGE.

The goal of any eCommerce website is to convince customers for making a purchase. In order to convince customers, your prior efforts must be focused on your checkout page. A checkout page is one of those key elements which can either “˜break’ or “˜make’ the buying decision of shoppers on your store. Therefore, you need to ensure that a simple, clean and quick checkout page is available on your store.

What are the Advantages of One Page Checkout page?

1. Encourages Quick Purchase-

One page checkout process reduces the time needed to check out as well as in collection of personal information. When customers will see that their eCommerce experience may be concluded on one page only, quickly and easily, they are more likely to complete the transaction.

Researches conducted in the past have revealed that on switching to a “One page checkout”, websites have increased sales up by almost 50%.

2. Guest Checkout-

Having One page checkout also gives an option of “guest login” wherein visitors can simply visit the site as guest and make their purchase anonymously. With this option, it becomes even more easier for shoppers to complete their purchase quickly without having to sign in or create an account. Sometimes customers get annoyed when asking for information before clearing the checkout and this would lead to lost of sales. A one page checkout works really well in that case as it provides options of social logins like Facebook or Google+. The super fast registration process encourages increasing number of sales and revenue for your website.

3. Lesser Pages-

Single page checkout allows all the necessary information you need from your customers to be inserted on a single page. Any information on a single page looks like you are not asking for as much as if you were to spread it across 3 or 4 pages. With lesser information segregated on a single page, it becomes more likely for customers to complete the transaction.

4. Reduced Abandoned Cart Rates-

Single checkout pages decreases abandoned cart rates as it requires lesser time to complete the overall process. According to a study, almost 42 percent of online shoppers actually abandon their shopping cart when asked to fill in lengthy registration forms, create and account or log in before checking out. So, in order to reduce cart abandoning issues, offering a one-step checkout will allow customers to finalize their purchase in just a few seconds.

With Prestashop’s One page checkout extension, you can design the overall checkout process in a single page. This plugin is featured with all those functionalities that will surely decrease cart abandonment rate and increase ROI for your business. So, if you want to generate better conversions and maximize visitor engagement on your site, go for this plugin now.

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