Bring Customers Back to your Online Store with PrestaShop One Page Checkout

PrestaShop One Page Checkout

Getting customers on an online store is a challenging task and to actually convert these visitors into potential customers is even more difficult. According to various studies and analytics report, it has been observed that the checkout process acts as one of the major obstacles in eCommerce conversions. Moreover, online shoppers have become more impatient and are not willing to make online purchase from an eCommerce store which does not have a simplified checkout process.

Store owners need to remove the various bottlenecks that have been affecting customer engagement on your online store. Make sure that customers don’t have to scratch their head while making an online purchase and checkout process can play a key role in it. Here is a great news for PrestaShop store owners as they can transform their eCommerce store in a big way with the emergence of this PrestaShop One Step checkout module. Let us now check out the various features that can help you in achieving higher conversions and sales for your online store.

Offers ability to design your own checkout page- With this checkout addon for PrestaShop stores, it is now much easier to design and customize the checkout process with great ease. Store admin can choose from available layouts like 1 column design, 2 column design or 3 column design for ensuring a faster online purchase. You can customize your checkout fields and add fields like Guest Checkout and Social Login that provides login/ sign-up support through Facebook, Google and PayPal. In this way, you can transform your multi- page checkout formality into a single page checkout process for grabbing higher conversions and sales.

Comes with multi platform and device compatibility- People now a days are using multiple devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets to make online purchase. Due to availability of multiple devices, you need to select a checkout addon for multiple devices and screens for better customer targeting. If your eCommerce module can’t address your customers that are using different devices, you will certainly have a hard day in terms of customer engagement, sales and conversions.

Effectively targets multi- lingual customers- Online business is expanding at a rapid rate which consists of numerous customers that hail from different geographical and linguistic regions. It is the USP of this PrestaShop One Step Checkout module that can help in targeting customers of different spoken languages with the help of its efficient translation feature. Now, store owners can improve their conversions to a great extent by providing services or products in the native language of customers.

Does not interfere with any other modules or themes- This PrestaShop One Step Checkout extension is built in such a way that it can work independently with other available eCommerce modules and themes without any hurdle. Store owners can install this checkout module for any PrestaShop theme and can utilize its amazing features and functionalities in a smooth manner. Apart from this, Knowband module does not interfere with the working of any other existing PrestaShop module on your eCommerce store so as to ensure better synchronization and coordination on your PrestaShop store.

Offers free after sales technical support- Number Extension development company can claim a trouble free service of an eCommerce module in the long term business operations. However, thanks to the cost free PrestaShop technical support services of Knowband that can resolve every other issue without any problem. You don’t have to pay a single penny and can report your problem at here for a quick issue resolution. We have a dedicated technical support team that work round the clock to resolve customer and customization related issues in a smooth manner.

If the abandoned carts and bounce rates have a common phenomenon for your online store, you can now reverse the business fortunes with the help of this PrestaShop One Click Checkout module. Come and grab this checkout module for higher conversions by visiting our Knowband store at the earnest level.

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