Ensure an Infallible Checkout Experience with these PrestaShop Checkout Addons

Ensure an infallible checkout experience with these PrestaShop Checkout Plugins | Knowband

Checkouts are an important parameter that can make a profound impact on the growth and customer engagement potential of an online store. If it is not simple and engaging, you will definitely face severe losses in terms of customer attention, conversion rates and product sales. Every online shopper wants a simple and seamless checkout experience that can facilitate faster online shopping and can boost your product sales. Store owners are utilizing various techniques and use of checkout extensions are one among them that can instantly grab the attention of your site visitors. If you are facing the same issue on your PrestaShop store, here are the few Prestashop checkout extensions that can save the day for your business.

1. PrestaShop One click checkout

Sometimes, making changes in a cart during product addition for a purchase can be time consuming and deviates the mind of a shopper from a particular online store. Understanding this grave situation, it is now easy to purchase a single product item quickly with the help of this PrestaShop checkout addon. The module also has the facility to provide the access back to your previous cart in order to ensure a seamless checkout experience to your site visitors. It is available in 17 different languages, can be customized properly, shows compatibility with various themes and is adaptable to various types of devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets and other such platforms.

2. PrestaShop Smart Checkout

Lengthy checkout forms often acts as a stalemate for converting site visitors into potential customers. No online shopper would like to engage with a site which does not offer a simplified checkout formalities to its visitors. Keeping your checkout formalities restricted to a single page can effortlessly grab more customer attention and sales for your online store. This PrestaShop checkout addon has got added functionality like quick hiding or revealing of any checkout fields, customization of buttons, integration of  MailChimp software, setting any field as optional, sorting of address fields, language translation, inclusion of custom CSS and much more. Collectively with all these features, it would not be difficult for your visitors to carry out the online shopping process on your eCommerce site.

3. PrestaShop checkout page analysis

Support of analytical information helps in speedy decision making and reduces the chances of failure. The checkout process is a critical stage for every online store and thus it needs to be much more simplified and engaging for your site visitors. With this PrestaShop checkout addon, you can seamlessly keep a track on your visitor activity regarding the checkout process and can get a clear insight about how customers are behaving on your checkout page. Once, you know the stage from where your customers are leaving, you can effortlessly retarget them for higher conversions and sales.

4. PrestaShop checkout payment fee addon

Online customers often get irritated when they notice illegitimate taxes and charges at the final checkout process and ultimately abandons the particular site. In order to avoid such situation, here comes this wonderful PrestaShop checkout addon that can reveal all the additional charges to buyers regarding the extra payment fees charged by various payment systems. Thus, there will not be any addition of hidden charges on the final checkout page.

5. PrestaShop One Page Checkout Free version

When you have to achieve a seamless checkout experience without spending a single penny, you would not find a better alternative than this PrestaShop checkout addon. It allow store owners to make quick changes in their checkout process without costing a single penny. You can utilize it for any type of online store and it works perfectly for every third party theme and extension. It is simply an unmatched eCommerce extension that can be savior for your store.

It is time to invest your efforts and little money on these PrestaShop checkout addon for changing the future of your business entity. This each and every PrestaShop checkout addon is made up of multiple features and functionalities that can take your eCommerce store to new heights. So, explore the amazing world of modules with our Knowband store.

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