Give Multiple Reasons to your Customers for Completing their Online Payment Process Through Prestashop Checkout Module

Now, PrestaShop store owners have to find a new excuse for their dropping sales and can’t blame their failure on their checkout process as our e- commerce plugin and development company, Knowband has come up with a revolutionary PrestaShop checkout module that can address all your checkout related concerns. It has emerged as a brighter ray of hope for numerous PrestaShop site owners who have been battling with the issue of frustrating and time consuming checkout process for a long time. This e- commerce module has converged the multi page checkout page into a simplified, single page checkout process so as to increase customer attention towards your e- commerce store. It has led to the win- win situation for both the customers as well as the merchants due to its powerful features. Let us now discuss about how it is equally beneficial for both the merchant and buyer community.

Advantages for Merchant community

This PrestaShop One Page checkout Addon has made a special place in the hearts of numerous merchants due to its wide range of features. It has made the life of merchants a lot easier due to the presence of following features.

Facility to make desired changes in any checkout fields-

In order to help you in making your checkout process more simplified, this module provide facility to merchants about hiding or revealing desired checkout fields on their checkout page. In this way, you can decide which fields on your checkout fields need to be displayed or not for improving customer engagement on your checkout process for making online payment through your e- commerce store. Further, PrestaShop site owners can make any desired fields optional or mandatory based on their business and customer’s requirements.

Provides drag and dop feature to perform different tasks-

With the drag and drop feature of this extension, you can change the position of all the available blocks on your checkout page. Moreover, it also allow sorting of the address fields by the site admin through this drag and drop feature.

Make necessary changes in CSS and HTML elements-

Merchants can effortlessly make or add any custom CSS elements and changes in their checkout module without interfering in their module code. It also helps admin to add any desired HTML blocks at multiple places, promote any product and display any desired message or promotion to its targeted customers.

Availability of other multiple features-

This PrestaShop extension is a bundle of wonderful features that has provided a complete new dimension to the whole checkout process. It supports various other features like language translation, Ship2pay service, testing, FAQ section and other such options that can make your checkout process really amazing and easier for your targeted customers.

Advantages for Buyer community

Apart from the merchant community, this e- commerce module has eliminated various troubles and concerns of the buyers community through its refined, simplified and single page checkout process. Now, buyers will not leave your e- commerce site in the middle due to those annoying time consuming, multi page and frustrating checkout forms. Here are the list of all those features that are supported by this PrestaShop extension for the comfort of the numerous buyers.

Seamless, faster and secure checkout-

With this addon, complete checkout process has simplified very much and there are no multiple redirects, time consuming login attempts or unnecessary fields. It has helped customers in completing their checkout process easily without any security related issues.

Effective social login facility-

This e- commerce extension consists of various in- built social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and such others for facilitating faster login of the customers into their social media accounts. There are no more frequent redirects and new account registration process during social logins.

Facility to make desired changes in their shopping carts-

With the help of wide range features of this module, customers can make easy addition or deletion of the product item, update product quantity, add coupon code into their payment, check product image preview and other such tasks without any trouble.

Compatibility with multiple screens and browsers-

Due to the responsive design of this e- commerce module, it can effortlessly work on any screen size like desktop, laptop, smart phones or tablets without compromising in service quality and features. Further, it works uninterruptedly with any browsers without any performance issues.

So, it is ideal time to visit our e- commerce store, knowband and purchase this PrestaShop checkout module so as to improve your product sales and conversion rates. You will definitely adore this plugin due to its wonderful features along with the most affordable price. Just exploit its features and you will surely be a champion in terms of e- commerce sales.

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