Try out these Magento Social Network Extensions for influencing your Magento visitors

Try out these Magento Social Network Extensions for influencing your Magento visitors | Knowband

Social networks are the platforms that are not only effective in improving the social engagement of your site but can also contribute in important key performance indicators (KPIs) like conversion rates, product sales and site traffic. The growing user base of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and such others have painted a rosy picture about the impact of social media on various business entities. In this interconnected world of internet, the social media is directing the sales and business activities of various companies around the world. If you are having online businesses but are still unaware about the use of social media, you are certainly making an unforgettable mistake that could cost you heavily.

Considering the impact of social media on the growth and expansion of your business, it becomes the chief priority for online businesses that are thinking about utilizing the services of various social media sites. In order to play a guiding role in this direction, Knowband has come up with excellent Magento social extensions that can transform the entire nature of social engagement on your Magento sites. Let us explore more about these wonderful Magento extensions that are explained below.

1. Magento Social Login

Customers now a days are very choosy and unpredictable while making an online shopping through any eCommerce site. It is very difficult to fulfill the ever growing expectations and demands of your online shoppers which creates a challenging environment for the growth of your business entity. With this Magento social extension, you can offer multiple social login options to your targeted customers to ensure a seamless account login facility. Now, customers don’t have to fill out any time consuming form for getting quick access to their social media account but everything is made much simplified due to the presence of “Quick login” facility provided by this extension. Some of the exceptional features that are part of these Magento social network extensions from Knowband store are as follows:

  • Presence of an interactive popup login option.
  • Compatibility with various mobile based devices.
  • Seamless activation or deactivation of social media account.
  • Facility to change the position of your social icons on your eCommerce site
  • Access to social media tracking reports and much more.

2. Magento Facebook Login

Facebook being one of the most popular social media platform makes customer more comfortable to go for login process on an eCommerce site instead of other available login options. This Magento Facebook Loginizer module has made the customer login facility much simplified than before. There is no need for any password remembrance and customers can seamlessly login through the use of Facebook credentials. If you want to explore why this extension is one of the most popular Magento social network extensions, you need to take a quick look at the features below:

  • Consists of a user friendly admin interface for easy configuration facility.
  • Works independently with other third party modules and themes.
  • Compatible with multiple browsers and mobile devices.
  • Seamless installation and configuration.
  • Provides free technical support for quick issue resolution

Start focusing on various social media platforms as they can influence the growth and conversions of your eCommerce store. If you are still not vigilant in this direction, you may have to face dire consequences in terms of conversion rates and sales. Don’t wait any longer and install these Magento social network extensions for a complete business makeover.

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