5 W’s of Back in Stock Module that can Enhance the User Experience

Back In Stock Module

The increase in the number of eCommerce stores have opened a gateway for the customers to buy their favorite products with best deals. Most of the time customers browse through the website, select the best-suited products and make a purchase. While there are times when the customers may like the product, add it to their wish list and want to purchase it. However, due to they may not purchase the product because it’s out of stock. It leads to sales loss to the seller and an unsatisfied customer. In order to deal with such scenario, the seller must come up with better ideas to inform their customers about their favorite products. Knowband offers Prestashop Back in Stock module. The module enables the seller to inform the customers about the updated information on their selected products.

It has made easy for Prestashop site owners to keep their customers informed about the Products back in stock through notification. The plugin enables the seller to reach out most of the potential buyers of the products and lead on to effective conversions.

Here are 5 W’s discussing the utility of Back in Stock notification.

1. WHY should the customer be notified?


Online marketing is growing at a drastic rate. Therefore, it becomes important for the sellers to keep a track of their customer’s preferences. Hence, it is one of the easy approach to drag the customers back to your store, in order to boost the sales. The approach gives an exposure to other products provided by the sellers which helps in increasing the product visibility. It will eventually results in better and immediate conversions.

2. WHAT encourages you to notify the customers

What ?

The seller may prefer to inform a customer on the basis of his previous engagement. This factor plays an important role. The seller doesn’t want to lose a regular customer. Therefore, adopting this approach helps him in binding the customers who are a frequent buyer of your products. It enables the customer to have a smooth and pleasant experience with your store. The trust and reliability of the customer is kept intact by following this approach.

3. WHO must be notified

Who ?

According to a survey, “If a regular customer is notified about the services from a store owner than they are much likely to check in make a purchase”. Thus, targeting the regular customers through this approach serves the purpose. It helps the sellers to retain their regular customers and keep their sales high in the meantime. The method can be used to attain higher traffic as well as boost the sales drastically.

4. WHEN is the right time to notify the customers?

When ?

As the customers don’t want to keep checking about the re-stock of the product. Hence, it becomes the sellers concern to keep the customers updated about the products availability. The customers may find it more convenient and can check on the web store back to purchase the products. It saves the customers efforts and time and a useful approach to achieve better conversions.

5. WHERE can the customers be notified?

where ?

The eCommerce store owners can notify the customers about the products either through an email or via notifications. It helps the customers to get updated about the products as they check their emails. The push notification helps the customers to be informed about the product as soon as they log on to the site with their accounts. The customers doesn’t have to put extra efforts in order to purchase the products, they were looking for.

Over to You

It is an important aspect for the eCommerce store owners to keep track of their customers. It can help them to retain a better relationship with the customers and at the same time will help you cut down your exit rate.

For More Information About Prestashop Back In Stock Plugin Visit Here:-

Module Link: https://www.knowband.com/prestashop-back-in-stock-notification

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Th8bJznmi24

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