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Prestashop One Page Checkout

Adopt a feature-loaded PrestaShop One Page Checkout module for your PrestaShop 1.7 store.

PrestaShop is one of the widely used eCommerce platforms that has grabbed worldwide attention due to its amazing features and functionalities. It is used all across the world by the people who are involved in the field of eCommerce business and is growing every year. This eCommerce platform has the bulk of features, themes, and extensions that can effortlessly improve the performance of any PrestaShop store.

It is a proven fact that 70% of your customers abandon their cart while checking out of the site. This is when the customers find the checkout process to be long and tedious. It won’t be wrong to state that with easy access to so many choices, the online shoppers won’t bother going through the lengthy checkout forms. The lengthy process may prove hazardous especially when the customers are already on the fence about making the purchase. This is when a single-page checkout scores over the multi-page checkout processes.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout module is one of the ways of optimizing the checkout process of the eCommerce store. The Prestashop addon has made another major step towards improving customer experience and boosting eCommerce performance with its latest PrestaShop 1.7 version. With its latest offering that was available for PrestaShop clients since 7th November 2016, people are increasingly embracing this new PrestaShop version. This PrestaShop 1.7 platform has new exciting features like the introduction of Symfony2 framework, a rebuilt Theme system, Starter theme, a  revamped product creation page, a modified modules page, a reorganized main menu and other such functionalities.

However, if you still feel the need to optimize the checkout experience of your PrestaShop 1.7 store, here is the brilliant PrestaShop 1.7 One Page checkout addon for you. If you think that this PrestaShop Addon is not worth your attention, do take a quick look at these features mentioned below:

1. Guest Checkout and Social login facility

Guest Checkout and social login

Customers on your PrestaShop 1.7 store don’t require any separate checkout accounts for making a quick online product purchase. The Prestashop module offers easy account login facility with the help of social media sites like Facebook and Google+ thereby improving the overall customer engagement. In fact, users can now log in/sign-up using their Paypal account too. Along with the social login options, the customers can even complete the transaction as a Guest user. The online shoppers can even register via their email account.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout module also offers the Guest Checkout facility, hence allowing your store visitors to checkout without getting registered.

2. Error reporting to customers

One Page Checkout for PrestaShop v1.7- Error reporting to customers | Knowband

Now, the customers making an online purchase on your site can easily know where he/she has actually committed the mistakes on the checkout page. This PrestaShop 1.7 checkout extension offers immediate error messages along with the inline validation facility for helping out customers during the checkout process.

3. Easy for field customization


The checkout form includes a large number of fields which at times may become difficult to handle. You get a number of already created fields in the admin interface. All you need to do is to select the ones that you are looking to display in the front-end. The admin can display different fields to the customers who are logged in and to the ones who are not. There is an option to select the fields for different customer groups. In addition, the robust Prestashop One Page Checkout module makes it easier for the store owners to rearrange the various fields. This can be simply done by dragging and dropping the various fields.

4. MailChimp Integration

mailchimp integration

The Prestashop plugin comes with an inbuilt MailChimp integrator. The integrator sends the email ids of the customers captured on the checkout page directly to the MailChimp account of the store admin. This can be done either when the customer selects the checkbox for newsletter subscription. Even if the customer logins via their Google account, the email id will be sent to the MailChimp account. This makes it easier for the e-marketers, to design their marketing strategies and reach out to the customers for re-marketing.

5. Presence of multiple payment and shipping methods

Multiple Payment

Now, your customers arriving at the PrestaShop 1.7 store will not be forced to fill all information first to be able to view shipping and payment methods. With one page checkout layout of this PrestaShop extension, customers will be able to view available shipping and payment methods as soon as they come on the checkout page. The feature-packed module is even compatible with the Mondial Relay like shipping methods.

6. Offers the wide range of customer base

This PrestaShop One Page Checkout module is fully responsive in nature that makes it ideal to be used on multiple platforms for desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. By targeting multiple device users at the same time, you can effortlessly improve your chances of product sales and conversion rates. The fully-customizable interface makes it easier for the store owner to retain the customers and reduce the cart abandonment rate of the shopping site.

7. Custom fields

Custom Fields

Versatility is the key when it comes to this module. The admin interface offers a number of form field to the store owner. In addition, he can add custom fields on the checkout page. The already created fields can be edited or deleted as per the requirement of the admin. Hence the extension, squeezes the checkout process for your store visitors, at the same time it even allows you to get additional information about your potential customers.

8. Shopping cart customization

Shopping Cart Customization

The module is a one-stop-solution for the Prestashop store owners when it comes to optimizing the shopping experience of the customers. The store admin can select the fields that he wants to display in the shopping cart of the site. The various information fields can be arranged in the front-end as it was done in the checkout page. Besides the information fields, the admin can even display the order details of the customer in the cart.

9. Front-end optimization

The module allows you to squeeze multiple steps of the checkout into a single page without affecting the front layout. The best part of the addon is that there are no code changes required to be done. The frontal layout can be changed by just dragging and dropping the various elements.

10. PrestaShop One Page Checkout module is GDPR compliant

In addition to all the features, the Prestashop one step checkout extension offers compliance with EU’s GDPR as well. The Prestashop addon has been upgraded as per GDPR standards. You can now include multiple opt-ins in your site. There is an option to create multiple policies for this compliance. You can enable the policy that you want to display in the front-end.

In case you site deals into the European Union countries in any way, then, you need to take the consent of the customers before using their personal details for any purpose. The PrestaShop One Page Checkout module allows you to check the consent of the customer from the back-end.

11. Mobile-friendly Interface

With the increasing dominance of mobile sites and mobile-first users, providing a responsive interface to the prospective customers is the key. Keeping this in mind, Prestashop one page checkout addon has been designed to be mobile-friendly. The single-step checkout process will work flawlessly on mobile devices. Thus, you can now offer at-par services to your target customer base whether they are using a desktop site or mobile devices. All the features offered by the Prestashop one page checkout plugin will be compatible with your mobile site as well.

12. Track Abandoned Carts during Checkout [New]


PrestaShop One Page Checkout module now displays statistics around checkout abandonments under the “Abandoned Checkout Statistics.” This section displays how many orders have been placed, how many checkout abandonments have happened alongside the checkout conversion, abandoned revenue, and revenue generated from the orders. The data can be filtered out for a specific period.

The statistics are represented in graphical as well as tabular form.

13. Track User Behaviour on the Checkout [New]


This option in the PrestaShop One Page Checkout module lets you check which specific fields are causing checkout abandonment. It displays the entire checkout fields and shows a percentage bar for each. Field having higher percentage means they are not causing any trouble to the visitors whereas the fields having low percentage means it is the actual cause of checkout abandonment.

This particular feature gives you the option to optimize your checkout fields so that you could improve your conversions.

14. CIF/DNI/NIF Validator [New]

Enabling CIF/DNI/NIF validation on the checkout page verifies the identification number of the shoppers coming to your website from Spain.

15. Free Shipping Banner [New]

PrestaShop One Page Checkout module also allows you to display a free shipping banner on the top your checkout page. You can specify the minimum amount on or above which the free shipping banner would be displayed to the user. This helps you increase the average order value since customers would be tempted to get free shipping.

16. Easy customization facility

One Page Checkout for PrestaShop v1.7- Easy customization facility | Knowband
This PrestaShop addon allows easy customization in the checkout process.

This Prestashop addon allows easy customization in the checkout process. Every checkout process on a PrestaShop site that claims to be simplified still contains a wide number of unnecessary checkout fields and steps. It is important to remove these irrelevant checkout steps from your checkout process to grab maximum customer attention and sales. The PrestaShop One Page Checkout module allows site admin to perform quick customization on the checkout page of their website. The store admin can even change the look and feel of the checkout page by incorporating the custom CSS code and JavaScript. With easy customization option, the admin can easily upgrade their site as per the need and requirement.

Over to You

Just upgrading the version of your store is not enough. You need to keep every single aspect in sync with the changes. The checkout process is one of the most important aspects that contribute to the overall conversions. So, don’t compromise with the ineffective checkout process on your PrestaShop 1.7 store, but take the right steps now. You just need to install this feature-packed PrestaShop checkout extension from the Knowband store to stay ahead of your business rivals. For more information, do visit the Knowband store without any further delay.

PrestaShop One Page Checkout module has been downloaded 7000+ times on the official addon store and over 5000 times on the Knowband store.

Check the Prestashop One Page Checkout User Manual to get step by step guide on how you can install this module.

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