The New UI of KnowBand’s PrestaShop Marketplace Builder Makes Configuration a Breeze


The latest release of PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin brings significant improvements to the UI design of the admin interface for the marketplace users. The enhancements are focused on admin panel configuration UI design and plugin compatibility across the plugin. It also has the latest feature update in the seller dashboard for product uploading.

PrestaShop Marketplace builder addon is listed in KnowBand’s best seller products.  We have crossed 3000 downloads for KnowBand’s PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace plugin that means 3000+ clients are using the Marketplace module. It builds up the best marketplace on PrestaShop and allows merchants to build a seller community.

What is new for admin?

In the latest update of KnowBand’s PrestaShop Marketplace builder, the UI is changed entirely and now is more accessible and easy to understand.

The configuration can be done with ease because the admin will find all the settings in groups.


The General Settings section includes the most common settings like mentioning payment methods, seller form details, allowing general seller settings, and order features.

Also, the admin can integrate the compatible modules like booking calendar, return manager, product availability check, etc.


Furthermore, with the new UI design, the admin will have to hit the PayPal Payout button and add the details to set the PayPal API.

In the same manner, all the other configuration setting menus have been placed together.

How admin can manage the seller dashboard options and seller profile?

In the seller tab of the settings, the admin can see all the registered sellers of the marketplace.  Along with this, the approval requests are featured in a separate section where the admin can approve and disapprove the sellers.

Managing seller form is simple and adding new custom fields can be done in a few clicks.

Admin can define the category-wise commission, check and approve seller reviews, manage seller shipping methods, check out the shipping status of various sellers, and a lot more.

Since, assigning categories to sellers in admin’s capacity, when a seller places a category request, admin can check that in a provided menu and can approve or disapprove it.

How to manage the payouts in this latest version of the PrestaShop Marketplace plugin?

In the commission section of settings, the admin will be able to manage the commissions.

To see the profits you are making on your marketplace, visit the admin commission section.

It provides two options:

  1. Order wise commissions
  2. Category wise commissions


In the PrestaShop marketplace builder module, the admin receives the payments and the seller gets the payouts. In the next section, the admin can see the transaction history and seller balance history.

Also, the payout requests will be visible here.


Once, the store owner clicks on the Process Paypal Payout Status, all the approved sellers will receive the funds.

It is very easy to manage things here as the module has cron functionality featured.

Admin Interface Demo of PrestaShop Marketplace builder- KnowBand

List of Compatible Modules with PrestaShop Marketplace Builder plugin

KnowBand has developed some plugins that are easy to configure and save you time while managing a marketplace. To add some additional features in PrestaShop Marketplace, you can use other PrestaShop plugins that are specially designed for improving user experience. KnowBand has a PrestaShop marketplace gold plan with various modules discussed here.

To provide a ticket feature so a seller can raise a query, add marketplace sellers-admin ticket system PrestaShop addon. Also, if you want to provide better services on your marketplace, adding a ticket system for customers will be a great idea. Consider using a customer-seller ticket addon for this.

Sometimes a seller wants to close their shop for a while and for that, you can install PrestaShop marketplace sellers vacation mode addon. There are other compatible plugins for seller invoices, for adding a badge to seller profile, low stock alert addon, and the deal manager that allows sellers to run various discounts on their shop.

Check out the PrestaShop Marketplace Gold Plan here.

In addition, there are other compatible modules for the marketplace like return manager, booking and rental system, product availability check by zip code, and Review, reminder, and incentives.

What is new for Sellers of PrestaShop Marketplace?

With one exceptional addition, the seller dashboard of PrestaShop Multi-Vendor marketplace addon is the same as the previous one.

Seller Dashboard

2-Seller dashboard of Multivendor prestashop marketplace

For complete feature exploration, you can read the user manual of KnowBand’s PrestaShop Marketplace Builder.

CSV/XML Import/Export- New feature added

Sellers were facing difficulty updating the products or purchasing a separate module for mass product uploading. In the recent update, we have added the CSV/XML Import/Export feature to the PrestaShop Marketplace Builder module- Knowband.

Now sellers can upload the products in bulk and combinations. It will save tons of time and the work will be simply done.


Seller Dashboard Demo of PrestaShop Marketplace builder- KnowBand

FAQs of PrestaShop Marketplace Builder for multiple sellers

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What do customers like about a Marketplace?

Admin and sellers both earn direct profits from a marketplace. Admin can expand their business by offering more products and services while sellers can reach out to the new customers by selling on a marketplace.

On the other hand, a customer gets a lot of advantages when they purchase from a platform where several product choices are available at a comparable price.

How do customers get benefited from a marketplace?

  • As we know that the feedback plays an important role in buying decisions, they can read and drop reviews. On a marketplace created with KnowBan’s plugin, the reviews are allowed for the product and the sellers.
  • Customers can visit a seller profile to check out their products and catalog. This way, they get the opportunity to explore the seller’s shop.
  • In a marketplace, a customer gets a variety of choices and a chance to buy a product at a reasonable price.
  • They get multiple shipping options and payment methods. Also, they feel a marketplace is a safer environment to make any transactions.

Start Service Marketplace with PrestaShop Marketplace Builder Plugin


To start a service marketplace, you will need some additional plugins with the PrestaShop Marketplace builder addon. Moreover, for providing an amazing shopping experience to customers, the service marketplace should have a robust system for the management of clients and services.

And to fulfill that requirement, you can add the Booking and Rental system to your Multi-vendor Marketplace. It will become super easy to book the appointments and the services with KnowBand’s PrestaShop Booking and Rental System. It also allows hotel bookings and hourly rental facilities.

Do you have area limitations for providing your services? Adding a booking and rental system to a hyperlocal marketplace allows you to add the location option and maps for your clients.

Get started with your services-based marketplace using a couple of plugins. This is the most affordable way you can start a service marketplace on the PrestaShop platform.


Make your Marketplace mobile responsive:

To make your website fast loading, that gives a better customer experience, it is needful to make it gadget friendly. For creating a completely responsive website, you can use PWA builder and AMP builder to decrease the website loading time. PWA builder gives your website an app-like interface without any technical code change.

Also, you can create a PrestaShop marketplace mobile app for iOS and Android in a few simple steps. Choose a mobile app builder plugin for your PrestaShop Multi-Vendor Marketplace and PrestaShop Hyperlocal Marketplace.

For any eCommerce custom changes and services, get in touch with our expert team at We believe in customer satisfaction and help eCommerce businesses in creating their business websites.

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